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Italian Sausage

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I was making some sausage tonight and decided to give a mix that I picked up at Gander Mountain a try. It's Sausage Mix Italian Flavor made by Eastman Outdoors. Of course I also decided to dress it up a bit and add a little kick. I diced up some onion, green pepper, yellow hot pepper and a couple Orange Habanero Chilies. Dang if that didn't do the trick. Pretty good flavor and just the right amount of heat. It gets your attention but is not overpowering. I'm gonna have to make another 5 lbs next week. My daughter just happened to stop by when I was frying some up to test it. She took half of it along home. The ultimate compliment.

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Re: Italian Sausage

Don't ya just love it when the kids want to take a doggie bag of home cooked back to their place. My new son in law keeps teasing my daughter the "When she learns to cook, she'll stop taking food from your house." Her rebuttal to that remark is "Well, if YOU could as good as Da, I wouldn't have to bring food home form his house." Yep-like the sounds of them compliments!! :mrgreen:
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