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Stuffed Peppers

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One of the items I smoked yesterday was stuffed peppers. I didn't use jalapeno. Instead, I used some Anaheim and Big Jim that I grow. I used cream cheese, colby and jack cheese, onions, peppers, a little celery, and went crazy and added some crab. They looked and smelled wonderful.

They were tasty, but there were several left. Instead of trying to heat them up today, I decided to chop them up and make a spread of them.

Great idea!! 8)

They tasted great on Ritz crackers (and like Emeril says, they would have been good on a car bumper). :mrgreen:

Just thought I would pass that idea on. I will do it again.

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Thanks for the idea. I'm surprised you had any of the peppers left over but the old Ritz cracker trick works just about every time.

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Re: Stuffed Peppers

That does sound delish. I be happy with the bowl of spread and a SPOON. :D
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Re: Stuffed Peppers

"IF" I have peppers leftover next time I'll have to try that spread idea...thanks!
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I like smoking poblano's, cut the long way, and fill them up with cheeses and bacon and stuff.

Kids call them pepper boats.

Good stuff
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Re: Stuffed Peppers

Hiya Tacfolder,
That is a neat idea! I never thought to use 'em as a cracker spread. That sounds like it may be a good way to use some of my extra habaneros and other really hot peppers! The cream cheese and cracker should temper the heat a bit and make for a tasty appitizer. Thanks for the idea! 8)

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