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Arm Roast

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arm roast

this is my first smoke of beef
====if hamburgers don't count.
this goes about 2 1/2 lbs.

the butcher tells me this cut is
right next to the chuck roast cut.
i don't know if it is closer to the hoof--
or closer to the hind end.

i am using mesquite chips for smoke

i am also putting other things
on the top grill/shelf only.

this is my first smoke doing a piece of meat
bigger than a turkey leg. [about 1 3/4 lb each]
tho its not much bigger.

i rubbed it with
Cavender's all purpose Greek seasoning.

at 3 hours arm roast was at 120 degrees.
my smoker had been holding 190*
this was on the 1 notch past medium.
i took meat off and wrapped in foil.
i moved up thermostat four notches to high.
i put meat back on top rack.
at 4 hrs it was at 140 *
at 5 hrs it was at 155*

i turned of electric to smoker
and let sit there an hour before
puttin in fridge.

that was yesterday wed 10/26/05
for lunch today i sliced half and made cold sandwiches.
this is very tasty and tender

tomorrow i will bake a tatoe- make a salad
and warm it up to see if its better warm.
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Re: Arm Roast

The arm is between the Chuck [upper part of the leg] and the shank [hoof] this is from the front quarter of the beef. When I was a meatcutter, we would cut this about 1 1/2 to 2 inches thick and sell it as a round bone pot roast. This is usually a braising roast [cooked in a liquid or with moist heat]. Low and slow like you cooked and it should be fantastic. Cook it to an internal temp of 190 degrees and it should practically fall off the bone.
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Re: Arm Roast

I agree. This is one of those less desirable cuts that must be cooked long and slow to change the composition of it. Congradulations on what sounds like a successful cook.

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