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aw dang...I thought that this was a thread about "grinders" the sandwiches! LOL
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Hey Long, If'n your arm ever gets tired, look through the different Sausage topics, there's a couple of guys that have converted their hand-cranked grinders over to electric. Just an other idea to help you spend your money!! :mrgreen:
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Surf’in around SMF I noticed this thread on meat grinders and thought I would show the one I made a few years ago, thought it might help give others some ideas.

Majority of electric motors on the market run at 1725 rpm’s, the trick is to have your grinder turning at 83 rpm’s. Hobart Co. put quite a bit of research into what is the best grinding speed for meat and that is what they come up with and how they design their grinders to run at.

This set up gets the grinder at about 83 to 85 rpm’s with the pulley sizes slowing it down. After I made mine I wished I would have made it without pulleys and used a 20:1 gear reduction box for a direct drive set up. It would have been much simpler to build and much safer without the belts and pulleys. Some day I may change mine but what do I do, mine works…...

Each year this grinder has ground our 8 deer, friends 4 deer and another friends 10 deer, plus a few others…. . All I can say is this #32 grinder will take anything you can throw at it without slowing it down a bit. I have put an entire roast from a deer in ours without cutting it up and it chewed it right up. If I remember right we grind 25 pounds in about 4 to 5 minutes. When I made mine I spent a little extra and stepped it up to a heavy duty 3/4 horse motor that can be hooked up 220 or 110, Git'er done !!!

Making one with the belts is a real pain in the arse, getting the belts tight enough so they would not slip was quite challenging. Gathering all the parts also takes a lot of searching (I'm a frugal shopper), if you guys have trouble finding something just ask and I will try remembering where I found it.

Another heads up I will tell anyone looking to build their own set up, if you go with the pulley set up, make sure the auger in the grinder uses ball bearings. If you go direct drive, an auger with bushings will work just fine.
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thats 1 awesome grinder mossymo. great pics too.
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MossyMo, fine looking grinder you have there. But here is a suggestion that my son and I used when we made ours. They are both gear reduction drive that you spoke about, and wired in a dead man switch(foot pedal that the operator has to step on to make the motor run) and only one person is allowed to feed and operate the grinder. This way if the operator moves his or her foot for any reason, the grinder stops. Just my .02 worth for safety.
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