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Re: grinding and making sausages

hello all

salmonclubber here
my name is huey i have been playing with making sausage for around two years now it is a lot of fun i really enjoy it and everything tastes good i got a lot of my supplies for making sausage from allied kenco www.alliedkenco.com which is a company that has everything from seasonings to smokers and everything in between another place i like to look at but usually dont have the money to buy a lot of stuff like stuffers and grinders at pretty low prices for reconditioned equipment is weston supply www.westonsupply.com i get a lot of my seasons allready mixed up ready to add meat and cure most places sell seasons and cure together in one package which makes it easy all usually come pre packaged for 25 pounds of meat hi mountian jerky sells a lot of kits for making sausage as well as the sausage maker www.sausagemaker.com well you guys enough rambling you guys take care and happy smoking
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Re: grinding and making sausages

yo salmon clubber dude,
alliedkenco and sausagemaker are both places that have given me
my 3 shopping needs.
that is 1 good quality 2 good prices and 3 good service.

i also have liked butcher packer ,but have never bought any thing there.

there is a store about a mile from me called Cummins tool [3 stores in
st.louis area]
they are like harbor freight [in st.louis also]

they have a manual piston style 3 lb sausage stuffer for 20 bucks
they have # 8 manual grinders for 10 bucks.
also # 10 grinder for 20 bucks.

i have stuffing attachments on my mincer/grinder,
so i havent bought one Yet. [he he]

if making sausage for your family and friends ,you could get set up
for 30 bucks.----------[i use # 8 porkert brand]

i have fun with my sausage and my smoker.

aint this place great!
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yo y,all

last week i finally parted with 20 bucks and got a 3 lb old style piston stuffer from cummins tool..
on the box it says its a 5 lb unit.
i dont think it will hold 5 lbs of ground meat at a time.
it has 3 plastic stuffing tubes.
its cast iron.

im spending most of my time at my honeys ,and the grinder i have there doesnt have stuffing attachments.

i wonder how long i can get away with making things
at her apartment.---she does the clean up.

my smoker has been there since january.
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Hello Steve,

Ive just put on my first ever sausage in my smoker along with a big pork butt.  I started from scratch at the meat shop with a butt and had them grind.  I mixed up that with seasonings and bought casings that were still attached to membranes and practiced until I got the casings cleared cleaned salt water and lime juice and just before I started stuffing I flushed the casings again with fresh water.  Overnight in the refer then on the smoker at 225 forever or until I think they are done.  I will use a probe and smoke until around 170 or so.

I tried going to your site but I doesnt work for me.  I live in Thailand but that shouldnt make any difference. 

Would like some help here on this from any other blogger but Im on my own with this today as its a friends birthday and Im the chef.  Hope we all dont get sick  UGH



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I go through the hole in the aitch bone (pelvic) and stitch pump into the 4 main quadrants of the ham; upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right, then from the hock into the shank and once into the sirloin tip with a 10% pump.



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