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Barbecued Whole Chicken

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I've just finished eating the best barbecued chicken I've had in a long time. It is now my recipe for whole chicken. I offer the recipe for your consideration. But first of all the credits ...

the recipe came from a site that I have found on the internt called the "List." It looks like it was a forum that recently stopped operation. Anyway, the recipe for the chicken came from that site and more specifically from a cook by the name of Danny Gaulden who runs a restruant down in New Mexico. The entire recipe is found on page 178 paragraph 10.3.4 "Whole Chicken." As I said, I think the forum is off the net now but the notes (300++ pages are still accessable). And by the way, there is a WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE on that site.

The sauce comes from our very own Crazyhorse. Your can find it under "Sauces, Rubs & Marinades>Mustard Sauce>Crazyhorse SC Style Mustard Sauce.

For the chicken, take the whole chicken, wash it, cut it in half and dry it. Cover it with a good coating of extra virgin olive oil. Then sprinkle with salt (I used kosher) black pepper (fresh ground) garlic powder, lemon pepper and poultry seasoning on both sides. Place the halves into a ziplock bag and let it rest for four hours in the refrig. When the smoker is ready, remove the chicken and let rest at room temp for about 30 min. Place the halves in the smoker (skin side up) and smoke for 3 1/2 to 4 hours until the meat (at the thigh and brest) reads 180* to 185*. If you'd like, brush the chicken on the hour with oil.

Serve with Crazyhorse's mustard sauce on the side.

My friends, it just doesn't get any better than this. I'm not into competition but I'd be willing to bet that this one would make the leader board. It's that good!!!!

Bill Smith
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Re: Barbecued Whole Chicken

Bill, your timing is impeccable! I'm doing a couple of racks of ribs and a chicken tomorrow and now I know how I'm doing the chicken. Thanks for posting the recipe.
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Re: Barbecued Whole Chicken


I must agree with you on the accolades to CrazyHorse' mustard sauce. I mixed up a batch and served it with a couple beer can chickens a few weeks ago, and it was a big hit! I will try smoking the half chickens as you suggest, next time.

If you have any leftovers, the sauce also works well as a dressing for a cold chicken sandwich with letttuce and swiss cheese in a good italian or sourdough bread!

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Re: Barbecued Whole Chicken

Bill, Yesterday's smoke was totally awesome. The Ribs and rib tips were falling off the bone and the new son-in-law was blown away with the chicken. I did two racks of ribs instead of three so I did an extra chicken to bring into work with some left over smoked baked beans. People have been pestering me since lunchtime wondering what store I bought my "rotisserie chicken" at. :D

I did notice though that after 6 hours in the smoker 3-2-1 method) the ends of the rib bones weren't exposed very much (about a 1/4 inch at the most). I left them in the smoker and kicked the heat up from 230 degree to 325 degrees. After about 35 minutes, the rib bones were exposed a good 1/2 inch.
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Hey Dutch,
Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? Sounds like you had quite a feast on some really outstanding food. That chicken recipe is now my default recipe and the sauce just makes it so much better. Thank you Crazyhorse! I'll try other chicken recipes, of course, but this one is my fall back position .......... same way with the sauce.

Bill Smith
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Re: Barbecued Whole Chicken

thanks guy's

that sauce is great on chicken and i use it on pulled pork as well
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Re: Barbecued Whole Chicken

could you give me the addy of "the list"
i would like to look at the 300 pages

larry joe maddock
st. ann,missouri,usa 63074
[[suburb of st.louis]]
e- mail
also known as
the lo dollar/no dollar cook
*** ****** ***** ****** **** ***
i am fairly new to both smoking
and grinding meats.
i have #8 porkert mincer/grinder.
my favorite plate is 1/4".
this unit has stuffing attachments.
i use a charbroil electric h2o smoker.
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Re: Barbecued Whole Chicken

i dont know about the list he is refering to but here is a link to Danny Gaulden's site
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The "List" seems to be a list of participants on what I think was a forum at one time. I don't remember how I found it but you can access it through Google by typing in "Barbecue List" and scrolling down about 5 or 6 entries.

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Re: Barbecued Whole Chicken

the response i got when i smoked up three of these birds was:


thanks for the recipe. also, i whipped up a batch of the bbq sauce i bought, .. it was the BEST!

thanks, and now i'm gonna smoke a turkey on t-day!

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Re: Barbecued Whole Chicken

Glad all turned out well. I agree that I think the recipe is one of the best I have tried. It's now my default chicken recipe. Good luck on the Turkey. Let us know how it turns out.

Fl. Bill
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What kind of wood did you useBill?
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I'm doing chicken today for my first cook on my char griller outlaw wish me luck
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I'm thinking that this would work with just the drumsticks too. I may give this a try this weekend and if it works will have a plan for the backyard party we have coming up. Thanks for the recipe
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