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Re: wwwwwwwww

Bob, I was originally thinking along the same lines but I was thinking more about finding the plate EMPTY. But hey, with all the talk about food on this Forum there's stuff on that plate all the time!!
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Re: wwwwwwwww

LOL!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
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Re: wwwwwwwww

Hey if ya'll want to see what was on my plate this weekend: here's a run-down of what went on this Saturday.


Going in the smoker (meatloaf - meatballs - fatty - hot wings - hamburgers - bacon):

I also put a package of bacon in the smoker for BLT's for lunch and some hambugers for the future.

Indirect grilled some bratwurst because the smoker was full:

Lunch (the kids started wining that they were hungry so the bacon with on the grill):

Dinner (the coals were still burning from the brats & bacon and I didn't want to waste them so I crisped up the smoked hot wings):

All-in-all it was a great day with lots of good food to sample and the FoodSaver was happy too:

As a test, this time I did not poke holes in the smoked hamburgers like I usually do, as I didn't think low-N-slow would cause them to shrink up into a meatball. They remained flat in the smoker. The hole will be reserved for grilled burgers from now on.

Hope you enjoy this cookout.
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Re: wwwwwwwww

Hey Bob,
Great pictures of some outstanding food. Thank you for sharing them! If I can figure out how to post pix, I'll be sending some too. Wonderful post!!

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Re: wwwwwwwww

Hi Bob!

Holy Smokes! (Pun most certainly intended) What a great looking feast!

Aww damn! The wife just caught me sniffing the monitor again...She's gonna have me committed for sure... :oops:

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Re: wwwwwwwww

Bob, Nice photos, all that food looks mighty good!
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Re: wwwwwwwww

Bill posting pictures is easy....All I do is go to and upload the picture. They provide several links to choose from. I copy the "Thumbnail for forums (1)" link and paste it into my message. That's all! :D

Thanks everyone for the kind words.
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Re: wwwwwwwww

Thanks for posting the upload link. I like the fact that you can load the "thumbprint" photo into your post and then being able to "click" on the photo to see the picture "full size".
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Re: wwwwwwwww

Brian-Go ahead and sniff the screen, I'm sure we're all guilty of doing it. Just a wee bit of advice- DO NOT lick a static charged 'puter screen!! It will make your hair stand on end and short circuit a few brain cells in the process!! :shock:
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Re: wwwwwwwww

Those pictures are going to send me back to my grill this week!!


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Re: wwwwwwwww

Good to see you posting again Tac- where have you been hiding?
So whats on the menu for this weekend?
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Re: wwwwwwwww

Mostly, I have been lurking, scoping out new recipes. :D

I have some chicken drumsticks, wings, a fresh turkey breast (almost 6 lbs), a boneless picnic shoulder ( 4 lbs), a 2 lb. fattie, and the last of my fresh chili peppers stuffed with a cream cheese mixture. They're Big Jim and Anaheim, not hot but really tasty :) . Going to serve it with Red Beans and Rice, slaw and garlic bread. Don't have a dessert planned yet.

And, I'm not waiting till this weekend. :mrgreen:

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Re: wwwwwwwww

With THAT MUCH FOOD you may need an early start!! :)
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