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Whole Rib Eye

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Hi all.
I'll be smoking a whole rib eye this Saturday. It's been a while since I've smoked (due to lack of a smoker) so I decided to check out this forum as a refresher course. My sister and brother in law just moved back from out of state and they have one that I'll be using.

Checking out this site is all it took. I'm on my way out the door now to find a good deal on a Brinkman. And it's all your fault ! I've wanted one for several years but, for some reason, thought they were way out of my price range.

OK, I have to know........just what exactly are 'fatties' ? Here in KY, a fattie is something that is just smoked, not smoked and eaten, if I understand correctly. KY lingo doesn't always jive with the rest of the country. LOL

I will be trying a lot of your recipes in the future. They are making my mouth water now. In my very limited experience, we love a seasoning called Johnny's Seasoning, and are only able to find it locally at WalMart.

Well, like Marge says, "Smoke em if ya got em!"

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Re: Whole Rib Eye

Howdy Mary. A fatty is a log of breakfast sausage(like Jimmy Dean's) that you take the plastic off and place in the smoker. Some folks sprinkle it with their favorite rub, and some wrap it in bacon, while others just cook it plain.

I haven't cooked a whole rib eye but depending on how cooked you like the inside will determine what temperature you cook it to. I believe 145* is rare, 150* is med-rare, 155-160* is medium and most folks don't cook them any more than that. Hopefully someone with experience will show up.
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Re: Whole Rib Eye

Howdy Mary, and welcome aboard! We're glad we could help and get you Jonesing to fire up a Smoker again!!!

Your question on Fatties is not an unusual one, and is often confused with the kind you "inhale". LOL!!! 8)

Bob was on the money with the temps he gave you. Be sure to put a nice Beef rub on it and don't forget to watch your chamber and meat temps! Those are the 2 biggest mistakes newbies make. That and too much smoke! Prime Rib Roasts are not cheap these days and are not very forgiving like a Boston Butt would be.

If you need more help, just make a Post and we'll be glad to help!

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Re: Whole Rib Eye


Go here for a little more information on smoking Prime Rib...


There is a recipe for a rub and a mop for a ribeye that I did and was delicious ioso in the smoker

ranger72 8)
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