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smoking sausage

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I am a new smoker. I tried it a couple of years ago with a fire pit
and smoke pipe leading to a smoke box, but I had "cold smoke"
temperature regulation issues. I have now made a hot smoker using a
hot plate.

I tend to use recipes containing Morton's Tender Quick as I cannot find other meat curing products localy.

I have made summer sausage with my hot smoker by packing the Morton
receipes into muslin casings and after an initial oven baking at
325F for 1 hour, hanging the casing in my 180F hot smoker for two hours. So far great results.

Any suggestions for me?

My smoker seems to like ro run between 160Fand 200F (Inside air temp
near top). As the weather cools, I am sure that will drop.

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Re: smoking sausage

Greetings Tom. I haven't made my own sausage but I cook raw sausages (store bought) in my smoker. I cook them at 225* for a couple hours, until they reach 160* internal temperature. I find they taste real good this way.

Since I haven't made my own sausage this may sound like a "simple" question, but why do you cook them in the oven prior to smoking them?
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I am not confident in my sausage making yet. I want to be sure it is safe, so I bake first.

This is what I do...

Summer Sausage (used like deli meat)

1 1/2 lb Ground pork 1 tb Packed brown sugar
1 lb Ground beef 1 ts Black pepper
2 tb Morton's Tender Quick 1/2 ts Ground ginger
1 tb Liquid smoke (hickory) 1/2 ts Garlic powder

Mix all ingrediants very thoroughly. Refrigerate overnight.

Pack in unbleached muslin casings. Bake on broiler pan (add a little water to broiler pan) at 325 degrees F until a meat thermometer inserted in
the center of a roll reads 160 degrees F, 50 to 60 minutes. Place in 180 degree smoker for 2 hours. Use within 3 to 5 days or freeze for later use.

So it is not "sausage", it is more deli meat.

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Re: smoking sausage

hello toleino

i make smoked sausage in my homemade smoker all the time i get a lot of my supplies from the sausage maker in buffalo new york they have several kits avalible which are real cheap and easy to make if i make summer sausage i put it in the smoker at 120 for 2 hours then raise temp to 140 and add smoke for a couple of hours and raise the temp to 160 for another couple hours and raise again to 180 and leave till sausage is done at a temp of around 155 internal temp the sausage maker also sells several books on how to make sausage i have to go to work now but i will try and post more info on sausage making later it is very enjoyable and everything tastes so good when it is finished talk to you later
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Re: smoking sausage

I totally agree with you. I live here in Michigan and I've found out the there is a store in Detroit and on line called Butcher Packer. They have all the same stuff and it is cheaper. Just letting you know. I also smoke sausage all the time as well as make all my fresh sausage also. I would be more than happy to share any experience with anyone that asks. Have a good smoke!!
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Re: smoking sausage

Here is a good link that explains the process for smoking sausage, I will be trying it this winter, after I kill me a few deer. Like Ted Nugent says,

"You can't grill it, untill you kill it......"

here is the link

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