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I tried this glaze this weekend and I can't thank you enough, Dutch. This glaze won me a ton of compliments, so I'd like to tip my hat to you! Excellent glaze, my new favorite way to eat Salmon!
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did this for superbowl....all I can say is it is great!!
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Looks great. Gonna try using this, this weekend.
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I am very impressed with this glaze Dutch! I whipped up a batch and mopped it every 30 minutes on my salmon. I was a bit skeptical when it was cooking, as the soy sauce was overpowering the smell of the other ingredients. But the product put on the fish with a hint of cherry wood smoke is an excellent flavor!

Well done my friend!
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Just picked up some salmon at the grocer. Gonna give it a try. Thanx Dutch
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I've had a couple of people ask me about this Maple Glaze so I thought that I would give it a bump.


Enjoy the smoke!

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I've got some Steelhead in the smoker right now over apple wood. Glaze is on the stove cooling.

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Great recipe Dutch.

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Hey Dutch... I posted this once, but my question disappeared, so I'll ask again. In the 90's I was stationed in Alaska and another soldier (from Alaska) invited me to have dinner at his parents home. They grilled some Salmon for me, and basted it in a sauce they called "Colby" or "Cody" sauce (may be variation of that spelling). IT was amazing, but I never knew what the sauce was made of. Do you happen to know if this is it, by chance? From reading the ingredients, it seems to fit the taste. I'm going to try it anyway, but it would be wonderful if this was it.

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I like to play around with different ingredients and this maple glaze is one of those things that I came up with. I didn't know there was a sauce out there that's similar.
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Hey Dutch.... I'm not sure if it's similar at all, just the way the ingredients for it seems like it might have been a close match, but since you say you came up with it, then it's certainly not the sauce I was asking about. I was just wondering if it was.... Still looks great and plan on getting some salmon this weekend to try it out.

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