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Re: beer can chicken

Yes, beer has its definate advantages with the chicken and also with the cooker..Sometimes more is a good thing!

Sorry for the silliness, my heart is in the right place.

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I did a coke can chicken the other day with chopped fresh rosemary and parsely blended with softened salted butter, then smeared it all inside under the skin. I smoked it for 2 hrs with hickory chunks. With a few sprigs of rosemary tied together, I basted the bird every 30 min. with a fresh batch of rosemary/parsely butter and here's what it looks like. The taste was out of this world.
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Sam-Shame on you-it's all your fault. I finished my breakfast an hour and a half ago and NOW I'm eating the fried chicken out of my lunch box!

The cruelty and madness of it all!! :P

Oh, BTW-Great looking bird! :)
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Re: beer can chicken

Great looking chicken prpl. What temp did you smoke it at to get it done in 2 hours?
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Re: beer can chicken

Sorry, Earl! But how can one resist moist, succulent, smoky, delectable chicken! (Hey, cold fried chicken isn't a bad thing either!)
Okay...I promise not to post anymore pics before lunchtime, deal? LOL
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I smoked it at a steady 300 degrees even, Cajun. I'm kinda leary about "slow and low" when it comes to cooking poultry. I find it turns out great everytime when I do it at that temp/time frame.
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I also enjoy beer can chicken but after reading a recipe in Dr. BBQs (aka Ray Lampe) Big Time Barbecue Cookbook, I've changed my method. Dr. BBQ says that the can acutally blocks the chicken from absorbing much of the flavor that's in the liquid. He says that if you want the flavor, instead of the can, use a chicken rack. Put the chicken rack into an old cake pan and place it in the smoker. Then put your beer, coke, Dr. Pepper or whatever, along with spices and seasoning in the cake pan. The liquid flavors can then really penetrate the chicken cavity. He smokes his chicken at 350*. I now use his method and I really like the results much better. And that's saying something. Give this method a try sometime when you're doing the BC Chicken. I think you will like it better too.
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Thanks for the tip, Bill. I have Ray's book, but for some reason I just get my nose out of the Rib section to see what else is in there! :mrgreen:
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Re: beer can chicken

OK. Ive read enough about it! Im hungery! Think Ill make my own!
It cooked for 2 hrs at 325. It was pretty good too! Thanks guys!
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Thanks guys, I was wondering what I was going to have for dinner tonight.
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Your chicken looks great ...just had to make one last night as well...have tried the method Bill was talking about..but not that high a temp...275-300..also plug the neck with a ball of foil to keep the moisture inside the bird...
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Re: beer can chicken

After years of cooking Drunkin' Chicken (Beer Can Chicken - I heard that name just 4 years ago) and going to several company cookouts serving Drunkin' Chicken I have never used nor seen anyone use a crutch or some sort of device to help hold up the Drunkin' Chicken. We have had as many as 30 Drunkin Chickens with their wings tucked behind them roasting away without a one falling over drunk. :) The trick is to spread their legs out and a little to the sides. Also make sure they sit firming down on the can until their tail piece touches the grill. It also helps to buy chickens that can hold their liquor. :D Do not forget to fold the wings behind the Drunkin' Chickens little backs to make them appear relaxed on the grill/smoker and to keep them from flapping their wings about.

Seasonings - My families favorite is Old Bay with Lemon Pepper being a close second. Other seasonings I recommend is Tony Chachere's and Soul Food. Old Bay requires about twice as much seasonings as the any other seasoning. If you want to add a little heat :twisted: then add red pepper (cayenne pepper) to your seasoning. Liquid pepper sauce such as Tabasco, the only real pepper sauce 8), will not work well and usually just falls right off.

Injection - I usually only inject turkeys but it does work well on chickens and other meats. Do not buy those lightweight toy-like department store injectors. Go to your local feed store and buy the real thing. Plan on spending 20-30 bucks for a lifetime injector. Pick out the size you think may be right and then get the next size up. I prefer the needles with the slanted cut end but they all will work or just get more than one type. The bigger the hole in the needle the better to prevent clogging when injecting homemade injection seasonings. The store bought seasoning is easy to inject but do not limit yourself to just those. Try taking your favorite seasoning and grind it down in a coffer grinder or a blender as well as possible. Then melt two sticks of real butter in a sauce pan. Add about 3-4 tablespoons of your finely ground favorite seasoning and barely simmer for about 15 minutes. Let the mixture cool a short while. Be sure to keep the pot well stirred when you fill the injector. What is left over can be used as a rub on the outside of the chicken.
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Re: beer can chicken

Man.....that chicken looks goooooooood!!!!!!!! Good job. Great color, too.
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