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London Broil

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Hiya guys!
I'd like to share my experience with doing London Broils on the grill; basically, you can season the meat any way you'd like, but I use:

tblsp of garlic powder
tblsp of onion powder
2 tsp of salt
2 tsp of blk pepper
1/4 cup of Worschestershire sauce
1 or 2 clove(s) fresh garlic - crushed

Pour the worschestershire over the meat - be sure it coats all of it.
Smear or rub the crushed garlic on the meat
Mix all the dry ingredients and rub the meat. Let the meat sit in the fridge as you get your grill/smoker ready.
Cook the meat the way you like it - I do it directly over the coals. I usually flip the meat over (USE TONGS, NOT A FORK TO TURN MEAT!), when I see some blood at the top. I don't use a meat thermometer, so for those who do, use it. I just look at the meat and i can pretty much tell when it's done (we like it med rare to med well here).
After removing the meat from the grill (Again, use tongs or you will lose the juices), I let it sit for a few minutes then slice thinly. Watch the juices run out! Enjoy!
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Re: London Broil

man that sounds good, i have been wanting to do a london broil on the grill thanks for the reminder :lol:
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Re: London Broil

What cut of meat do you use for your London Broil? And also can someone tell me what is a fatty? Fairly new to smoking and have read in posts about also throwing on a fatty, when smoking. I tried to Google fatty but came up with porn sites with fat women and if you put smoke a fatty you get sites on smoking funny cigs. LOL

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Re: London Broil

a fatty is a chub of bulk sausage, Jimmy dean is the best one to use for smoking, the cheap ones dont do as well but are good to, i like to do my fatty's with the 3-2 -1 method for ribs, man they just crumble apart

heer is a pic of 2 Jimmy Dean Maples on the top rack along with 2 slabs of baby backs and a small boston butt and some baked beans on the bottom catching all that grease!!!!

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Re: London Broil


Thanks for the info. I will be picking up some Jimmy Dean Sausage next time I go to the grocery or as we say in South Louisiana, when I go “make groceriesâ€. Sounds delicious.

Your posts make me salivate. The pictures of the smoked goodies leave nothing to the imagination.

Thanks again,
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Re: London Broil

Crazyhorse gotta question for you-How long does it take to smoke/cook a fatty?
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Re: London Broil

Sickpuppy, When I was a meat cutter/butcher we would use the Top Round. This was cut about 1 1/2 - 2 inches thick and weighed between 4 1/2 to 6 pounds (depending on how thick it was cut).

London Broil is not so much a cut of meat but the way the meat is cooked. You can take any tender cut of meat cut as I discribed above and use it for London Broil. London Broils are basically a broiled or grilled roast that is cooked to a medium rare-medium doneness. The Broil is thinly sliced on the bias while holding the carving knife on a 45 degree angle while slicing.
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Re: London Broil

Earl i usually do mine the 3-2-1 way, 3 hours in the smoke, 2 hours foiled and last hour unfoiled but you can cook them in 3 hours at 225, the extra steps just make them really juicy and tender
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Earl D is correct on what cut makes a london broil. We like it cuz A) our local supermarket puts them on sale every so often so we stock up and B) I make'em so dang good! =)
Crazyhorse, that pic you posted made me salivate!!!!!
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WOW! crazyhorse

Before seeing your digi-pic I never thought to put the beans under all and I can just imagine the fat rendering from those wonderful cuts and just mixing with the smoke and the beans.

terrific tip!

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Re: London Broil

Thanks all,

Thanks for the answers to my questions. I am learning so many great and new ways to smoke and grill. I just have to watch the old waistline, now.

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Re: London Broil

Here's a pic of some London Broils I did for this past Memorial Day weekend......can you all say
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Re: London Broil


Excellent job on the London Broils!

You are making my mouth water!

ranger72 :D

OTBS # 14
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Re: London Broil

prplptcrzr2003, thanks for the great recipe! I did a couple of London Broils yesterday for some company and I added one tsp of powdered ginger to the mix. Yummy! Try it some some time.
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Thank you, Ranger and Monty! Ginger?? Sounds yummy! I will have to try that!
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Those london broils look really good...

Been raining so much here..I 'm going to have to go get an ez-up ..just so that I can get something making some heat and smoke outside this week end..getting severe withdrawal symptoms

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Re: London Broil

prplptcrzr2003-I finished breakfast an hour ago and now I'm HUNGRY again!! Nice job!!
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Thanks guys. Earl, speaking of breakfast, I always try to save some for the next morning - about 2-3 slices of the london broil with a couple of eggs...oh man!
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Cruiser- Beef and eggs for breakfast-I like the way you think!! Last night I grilled up some NY steaks and by golly if there wasn't one steak too many! :shock: :twisted: It came to work with me and I'm going to enjoy it with some scrambled eggs and hashbrown 'taters. :P
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