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hey dont forget the pizza on the smoker, here is one i smoked for about an hour ..WOWW

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Re: Pizza

WOW! That looks fabulous! I've never done pizza in the smoker before. I'm definitely gonna have to it a whirl sometime.
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Re: Pizza

:shock: Wow! That looks awesome! I am going to try that myself. Could you share dough recipe that works good in the smoker?
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Re: Pizza

I know this post wasn't directed to me specifically, but I hope the info is helpful. As with many discoveries, I accidently found a good recipe for pizza dough that works well in a smoker/grill. I started with Jiffy pizza crust mix and accidently doubled the water. Not wanting to waste the mix, I added flour to bring it to the consistency of pizza crust dough. It makes enough for two crusts med. thick or three thin (or one and a batch garlic parmesan breadsticks to go with) and if you put garlic or your favorite seasonings in the mix it comes out even tastier. Put the crust in the smoker/grill for 5 min before you put on the toppings and it won't get soggy

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cookâ€
-Julia Child
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Hoosier....thanks, dude! I am going to give that a whirl. Oh baby!
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Re: Pizza

How was the crust? Crispy or chewy? I love grilled pizza and am trying to compare. Yours looks great.! 8)
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Re: Pizza

well i cheated and used a ready made crust, the last one i cooked i used the pilsbury pizza crust in the exploding biscuit can and that was alot better :lol:
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Re: Pizza

Hey crazyhorse,pizza looks great,what a wonderfull idea.Prob a dumb question but do you make the pizza just like you were doing it in the oven with uncooked crust and then put it on the smoker.We have a pizza stone,wonder if that would work instead of a pizza pan.Thanks for the idea and any addiational info you could give me.Thanks,David
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Re: Pizza


I do some part time work in a pizza shop and I can give you a tip.

Make some pizza dough, roll it, or stretch it to fit your pan. Do not put any toppings on the dough, just bake half way in a hot over 485F (10 min or less).

You can then freeze it for later use, or top it and put it on your smoker. Before you use the pizza round, defrost it, and give it light coat of olive oil. I just drizzle the oil and use my hand to rub it over the pizza round.

Keep in mind that the more toppings, the longer it takes to cook, so you need to find a happy balance. Or partially cook the whole thing in an oven before smoking.

I have also seen pizza rounds partially cooked in supermarkets.

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