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Re: smoked eggs

Come on Dave,

Give us the specifics while you can still type. before old Sal from Manila gets ya :D

How hot and how long?

And did they taste smoky?
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Re: smoked eggs

Your a funny guy Cajun :D Smoker temp was 235 <or > about 10 degress thru the prosses. How long they were on is questionable at this point. You see, me and my buddy Mr. Beam, were having a nice conversaition, when all of a sudden my better half (I call her that because if we ever get a divorce, thats what she'll get....the better half...) came out of nowhere and said.." Do you wanna try that egg thingy?" And I said "Aaaahhhhh Yeahhhhh!" And then she handed me a dozen eggs, and I :roll: rembered she ment smoken chicken eggs. Well, Mr. Beam and I figured we'ed put em on and give it a try. Then Mr Beam decided he wanted to listen to some music, ( loud I might add ) :shock: and I lost track of time and its all his fault! But if I had to bet on it ,I would say about 2 hrs. They didnt have a smokey flavor, because the pork butt I was cooking at the time was at about 160, and Mr Beam didnt want to over smoke the butt. He is such a wuss sometimes.
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Re: smoked eggs

I hear ya Dave.

Me and Mr Dickel used to have some talks like that. I kicked him out and only let Mr Miller visit now :D

I'll have to try the egg thing, sounds like it'd go good with a fatty.
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Hey cuz, you may be using eggs that are too fresh. Let them sit for a week. Smokin Mike.
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