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My first thermometer I got only displayed temps in celsius. Boy was that fun keeping a little conversion chart nearby all day.

My maverick won't reach much farther than 20 feet, if I'm in the house. Outside it seems to reach forever, but it just can't get through the walls very well.

one thing that irks me, if it loses a signal, it doesn't tell you! It just doesn't update the temp. There's been a handful of times where I'll think, man, my smoker is holding temp awesome! Then go outside and see its 60-80 degrees too hot!
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Re: Maverick Smoker Thermometer

I currently have the Maverick ET-7. After 6 smokes the original no-name batteries are still working and I am able to get at least 40ft of reliable range. I have not tested any further than that. On one smoke I did lose communication about 3 times but it has not happened since. It could have been one of my cordless phones messing with it. Since then I have changed out 5 of the 6 cordless phones I have to the 5.8 GHz models so that may have helped with the Maverick communication issues. I clean both of the probes only with a moist dish cloth so as not to get moisture inside the probes. Tomorrow I will be using the ET-7 again on three 6-2/3 pound meatloafs.
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Re: Maverick Smoker Thermometer

I just ordered a Maverick ET-73 from partshelf.com (as previously posted by crockadale - THANK YOU!) for $39.99 plus $8.40 for shipping, no tax - total $48.39. Checked Amazon.com and every other site mentioned in this thread. Some don't carry the item anymore, and NONE were cheaper.

Link to Maverick ET-73 at partshelf.com
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I found a Mavric ET-something dual read digital at locally at Linens and Things for $29.99. The big brand name was Polder so I almost passed it by. In smaller print it said Mavric ET ... which caught my eye.


Works great I like the dual read thing. One readout says internal and the other readout says grill temperature. Still had my ole dial gauge there also. Has a little beeper but I can't hear it unless it's only a few inches away (but I'm deaf anyway).
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Re: Maverick Smoker Thermometer

Looks pretty cool, to bad it doesn't have the remote thing also.
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Received my Maverick ET-73 yesterday. Everything worked great. Instructions were simple, and setting the upper & lower smoker temps, as well as the meat temp, was quite easy (other than pressing each button 250+ times). Boiled water and the smoker probe read 211F and the meat probe read 213F. +-1F is acceptable!
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I got mine yesterday from Partshelf. $40+s&h. What I want to know is what kind of moron designed it to where you have to take the stand off and open the battery compartment to find the on off switch. Next question, Shouldn't the remote have a belt clip so that you can keep it on you person easily? I haven't tested the range yet, but the temp's accurate.

and SmokeEater, once you get the temp into the change mode, just hold the button down and it will advance itself w/o your having to keep on pushing it. Wouldn't have been nice to have a + and a - button so that you don't have to run it through the whole cycle.

I noticed that the box had a picture of a Chargriller grill on it. I wonder if the two are affiliated.

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I thought the same thing when I recieved mine,the switch is so small I feel like if I'm not real carefull, I'll break it. The range on it was nowhere near 100ft before I lost a signal, but came up with an idea on that one, See;

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My issue isn't so much the distance, but my mobility. I need to be able to go out in the garage, move around in the house, go out in the side yard etc.

BTW, I read a thread somewhere (maybe another forum) about the fact that the Chinese mfgrs of the Maverick had made a batch (1000's I guess), and failed to install the antenna in either the transmitter or receiver. Supposedly someone had figured how to open the unit, attach a small wire antenna, reseal the unit and presto, it worked great. I can't remember where it was. Perhaps the Weber virtual bullet.

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Thanks Ddbbq... er.. I mean SmkyOky,icon_biggrin.gif I found the thread you you mentioned and am going to try it ( actually let Bud try it).

If anyone is interested the ET-73 antenna modification info can be found here: http://tvwbb.infopop.cc/eve/forums/a...7290051153/p/1
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Mine came with the stand attached to the receiver. The on/off switch for the transmitter is in the battery compartment to protect it behind the sealed cover against moisture and such. Whatever you have attached to your transmitter, leave it on, turn the lock with a small screwdriver (Pic#1) and use the same screwdriver to move the switch on or off (Pic#2).That would be nice. Design one and post it for us. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif Thanks - I should've figured that out icon_rolleyes.gif
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I don't have any problem snapping the bracket off the back of the transmitter to get at the switch to turn it on and off. I'm just saying that for ease of use a well designed unit would have an external on off switch, weatherproof if necessary.

I'm sure that I could jury rig a belt clip for the receiver, but then I'd have a jury rigged receiver. With what these things cost, one might think that the manufacturer would jury rig it for you. then at least it would look factory jury rigged.

You're welcome for the tip on setting temps. My thought was the same as yours when I first started playing with it.

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I used my Maverick Saturday night, or should I say tried to use it. It turned out to be one that didn't have an antenna and the range was only about 20 feet. What was worse was that it would go in and out of range w/o being moved. It has no audio alert to let you know when it goes out (major design flaw), so you're sitting there thinking everything's like it need to be, while your pit temp is soaring or smoldering, and you never suspect a thing.

On the overall, I think the idea of a thermo that moniters a temp range is a pretty neat thing, I'm thinking that somebody needs to bring one to the market that's a little better designed, properly constructed, and user friendly than the ET-73. I haven't decided whether to try to fet Maverick to replace it w/ a unit that has an antenna, or just return it Partshelf where I ordered it.

That's my $.02 worth, and $.02 is about all I think the ET-73 is worth.

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Im like you smkyoky im not impressed with the maverick either. But I usually set by the smoker while im cooking anyway. Nothing like hanging out watching the thin blue drinking some cold ones and listening to Stevie Ray.
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Agreed, It was a good idea in theory but bottom line is their cheaply made!!PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif Called Partshelf and Maverick Industries and was asked the dumest questions like are you sure it's turned on ect...mad.gif Told me I could send it back and they would test it, and if they couldn't fix it would send me a new one.....I don't think so... I'll take my chances and try to do the mods.
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If you used it over an open flame/ charcoal pit you probably melted the probe wires and that can be replaced fairly cheaply.
The store were the little lady bought it should be able to get you a new probe.
I did that same thing and got the probe replaced right off the wall display at a kitchen gadget store.
It's a lot cheaper .
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Mine came with a belt clip but I almost threw it out with the garbage....it was in the wrap in the box.
You can make one with a small piece of a coat hanger.
I will try to photograph it and post it if you like maybe you can copy it
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I tried to call Maverick, and they had a message that said their cutomer service line was only monitered part time and to call back later, so I emailed them. That was Monday, and I still haven't heard back. My advice to anyone considering buying a Maverick product is don't. They don't seem to be a reputable company.

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Sorry Smokyoky
but I gotta disagree with yu there partner.
I broke that stupid little lock thing (failure to read instructions)Called em up and had a pleasant conversation with a lady there who sent me the part NO CHARGE of any kind and I had it in my hand 4 days later.
Try again..They may have been busy that day
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Sounds like you caught them on a day when they were working.
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