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Re: Maverick Smoker Thermometer

I bought my ET73 Maverick Thermometer maybe a couple of months ago.... still can not get it to cooperate. It seems like every time I make a change in any temp, it effects them all.... I guess I will have to play with it again. I just threw it in the drawer and it has been sitting ever since. I went back to my trusty Home Depot special.

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Howdy folks!

I've had my Maverick redi-check for over six months now, and I love it! It can monitor both the smoker temp, and the meat temp - perfect for knowing how that shoulder is coming along in the winter months!

Note: I've noticed if my receiver is too far away, when the signal gets lost it still displays the last received temp, so sometimes you think the temp hasn't changed when it has.

Also, I second the notion of their customer service. My temp probe fell down into my charcoal and got cooked. I called and told them what I did and wanted to buy a new one. They sent me one out real quick at no charge - wtg Maverick!

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Re: Maverick Smoker Thermometer

I just purchased the Maverick ET-73 from partself.com for $39.99 same day shipping. If you need it quicker they have options for 2 days 3 days or overnight shipping, for a fee of course! :lol:
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I just got my ET-7 for the same price from Amazon. Where was your steal?
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Re: Maverick Smoker Thermometer

FWIW, I got one (ET-7) here:


Shipping for me was $7.50, $32.50 total.

Take turns (don't bid it up), they'll put up another when it's gone ...

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Nice grab there Bruce!!

BTW-I fixed your link. You had the '<<' & '>>' in the link url which kept it from working.
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Re: Maverick Smoker Thermometer

My wife bought me one of the Maverick remote thermometers this weekend for my big pork butt smoke. It only measures the temp of the meat and did not have an attachment to measure the smoker temp. I checked its accuracy by using my other digital meat thermometer. It was 10 degrees off. It said 195 degrees and my pork butt was not even close to being done. I am taking it back to Bed Bath and Beyond and am going to order another brand.
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Re: Maverick Smoker Thermometer

I asked Maverick Industries Customer Service a few questions and thought some of you may be interested in what they said.

I have a Maverick ET-7 remote dual thermometer. and have a few questions.

1. If I obtain another ET-7 will I be able to use both of them at the same time or will they both be on the same radio frequency?

Need to be synced up separately. No problem to have multiple units.

This great since the ET-7 is only $36 with free shipping at Amazon.com.

2. Can the smoker probe of the ET-73 be used to measure internal meat temperature?

Smoker probe will work but hard to insert as probe does not have sharp point.

3. Do you have a dual probe non-wireless thermometer?

Yes, Model # ET-83 sold at QVC.
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Re: Maverick Smoker Thermometer

I wrote Maverick again and asked them about the proper procedure to synch up two Maverick wireless thermometers. They said it was best to have them separated by 300Ft until the receivers were synched up with their transmitters. After that you could bring them back together. Gee whiz Louise!!! :roll: A few weeks ago I had my wireless thermometer lose synch 3-4 times during the smoking process. The pain involved with two wireless Maverick thermometers is just not worth it.
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Re: Maverick Smoker Thermometer

Wow... lots of info here.

I finally got me a ET-73 some time back. I had nothing but problems with it. Finally go ahold of CS. It is straight now. I am using it right now for a pork butt.

One thing I did notice on the messages is that some say the probes on some thermometers go belly up after a few times of use. I too have "lost" a couple of probes going bad..... I found out that if you run the wires out and close the lid on it, it can pinch and damage the wires. They are very small in diameter, and can not take too much abuse like that. Also, if there is a temp spike, sometimes it can cause them to loose a connection.

I now wrap them in heavy duty foil lengthwise. That helps insulate the wires, and also cushions them against the lid some. Just use care, and they will last a long time.

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Re: Maverick Smoker Thermometer


Try running your temp probe wires thru the smokestack or a vent to eliminate that crushing sound you get when the temp probe wires are passing thru under the lid lip.
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Re: Maverick Smoker Thermometer

Thanks. I have a knockout for a rotis. on the lid. I am thinking of knocking it out and running the leads out that way. I don't think my leads are long enought to run them down through the stack and into the meat unless I hang the thermomters on the stack, and I don't know abt the heat affecting the plastic housings.....

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Re: Maverick Smoker Thermometer

They do have 6 ft. probes and high temp probes according to my instruction sheet. I haven't tried to get them yet but will soon.
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Re: Maverick Smoker Thermometer

Wait till ya see the prices on them... :shock: :shock:

For what the replacement probes cost, you can almost buy a new whole unit.......

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I recently purchased an ET-7 but the range was only about 12 feet. I returned it to Maverick and got a replacement unit which has a range of only about 15 feet. If I take the receiver in the house, the communication between the transmitter and the receiver stops. I have contacted them again to see what can be done. I love the ET-7 but the short range is not what was advertised. Has anyone else experienced this problem?????


Sigma Man
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Re: Maverick Smoker Thermometer

I've noticed that if you have a weather monitor with remote(s), they will interfere with your remote thermometers. Same frequencies, same technology. You might have to go through the same 'pairing' steps to make them all work together.
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Sigma, my ET-73 is the same way. I recently ordered a Nu-Temp set-up and the range on it is nowhere near the 100 ft. they advertise either. I think their 100 ft. wishful thinking must come from direct line of site with no obstruction what so ever.
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With all wireless remotes, the distance the units can be apart, while still communicating depends on battery power, number and density of obsticals, and radio interferance. The manufacturer's claims are based on optimal conditions, and although my Nu-Temps prabably will communicate over a hundred feet out West in an open field, I can pretty much count on 30' in real life around my house.
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Hey Noah,

I just got the Nu-Temps within the last month and they have a shorter range (seem to so far) than the Maverick. Do you have a Maverick as well? If so, does it out perform the Nu-temp?

This is side by side with brand new batteries in Nu-Temp and so old in the ET-73 I can't believe they are still working. I really like the Nu-temp set up but was very disappointed with the range.
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