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Re: brisket

The meat is all gone but the pics remain. Here are the pics of the brisket/shoulder. Let me know if you see anything wrong or anything I could change. I've been smoking a long time but we can all learn and get better.
-Senor Harv, Thanks for the info. I downloaded IrfanView (its free) and resized and converted the pics. Let me know how they look. Just FYI, while I was there I downloaded HT Fireman CDDVD Burner 1.3 and it's a totally wicked, laughably simple quick as lightning burner utility (also free). Two minutes from beginning of installation to end of burning pics onto CD! Even I can use it!
My biggest problem was, the pics had somehow been saved as .bmp files which are, of course, not a supported format. :oops:
Anyway, I welcome the feedback.
p.s. The salmon shot is from the Kings we caught in Lake Michigan on 7/10/05
I smoked fillets three ways, These wrapped, Teriyaki, and Ginger Garlic.