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I'll be glad to post a few photo's next time I make buckboard bacon. I'll try to answer your questions. After you debone the butt lay it open to rub with cure. Measure out the amount of cure per pound of meat per instructions included in the package. If you want to use some liquid smoke sprinkle about a tablespoon on each side of the butt before you rub the cure on. Now rub on the cure, making sure that you cover every bit of exposed meat on both sides. After you have applied the cure fold the meat back to the way it was before you deboned it. I don't tie mine, I form it into a nice rectangle and wrap it tightly with plastic food wrap. After that I slip it into a gallon freezer bag and then into a second gallon freezer bag. Using just one bag may allow it to leak in the fridge and that upsets the wife. Stick it into the fridge and let it cure. I have been allowing mine to cure for about 14 days. Then I take it out unwrap it and soak it in water for about an hour. After soaking, dry the butt. If you want to, rub it with a light coat of dark brown sugar at this time and pop it into the smoker.

Hope this helps.

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Re: buckboard bacon

Mike, Do you lay it flat when you smoke it or do you leave it in the original shape. I have a butt in the freezer waiting for space in the fridge.
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When I cure it I form it with the plastic wrap. It holds its form pretty good after it's cured. Then I just lay it flat on the racks to smoke. I do like the idea of tying it with string, I think I'll give that a try next time. I know what you mean about waiting for fridge space. I have the wife talked into a small firdge just for me. She's tired of competing for space. I just have to find space in the garage for it. No little task.

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Thanks Mike, Earl and Salmonclubber who sent me some additional info.

And SC, I was planning on using the HiMountain, so I'll indeed follow the directions.

If I can add to this thread, I have also know one additional method for buckboard bacon that is on my list.

I know of a few people that have cured for 10-12 days, washed off the cure, soaked for a couple hours in water, up to 12 hours changing water after 6 hours, and then patting dry and rubbing down with their favorite rub (usually a sweet rub). In the fridge for 24hr and that would go on the smoker.

So, once I try the "standard" way, I hope to try quite a few of these various methods.

Thanks again for the input
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Be sure and let us know how the other methods come out.

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Re: buckboard bacon

Since my oldest son has moved from home and since he SO conveniently left his "beer" fridge behind I just may have to clean it out and put it to good use. biggrin.gif
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Hey Earl,
Get that butt out of the freezer and get it cured. I'm tellin' ya all this buckboard is good stuff. Mine just got the official seal of approval. I gave my daughter a few (more) packs of my Buckcoard, this morning she had fried a skillet full and my 4 yr old granddaughter walked into the kitchen and said mommy you make the best bacon ever. According to her I used to make the best bacon because I always pressed it for her when I fried it, but that was store bought stuff. I got the whole family hooked on Buckboard. We do like the last batch much better, I added the liquid smoke when I cured it and rubbed it with brown sugar before I smoked it. I'm getting ready to order more cure, I've used mine up, 25 lbs of bacon.

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anyway to make buckboard bacon with a maple flavor?

love maple bacon

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Nice *BUMP*
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yeah........i thought it needed it

should almost be a sticky

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Maple sugar is listed as one of the ingredients in their cure.........I would assume that you could add some more maple sugar to the mix and be fine.....the cure should still do it's thing if my understanding of how cures work is correct.

Maybe try using maple wood when you smoke it as well.
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Smoked listed this recipe awhile back that worked really nice when I added 1 cup of vermont pure maple syrup to it. I kind of like the maple flavor myself. I can't say how it would work with a premix - haven't tried them.

Just scroll down to Smoked's Buckboard Bacon ...
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I agree. That Buckboard bacon is some great stuff...
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I agree Buckboard bacon is great, I only done one so far. Mainly because I can't find any Butts around here. But as soon as I can I'm going to do another one. Have plenty of cure left. I may try adding a little brown sugar or honey this time. I like that idea.
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