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Tried an apple pie stuffed pork loin !!!

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Decided to try one after reading Bearcarvers recipe.

I used the syrup from the apple pie filling to make my rub stick.


Hog tied, syrup, and Magic Dust for the rub.

On to the UDS

Approx. four hours, 220, 135 internal, and pulled off and covered with foil to rest.


Apple stuffed pork loin, and fried hash brown potatoes with onions and garlic.

Added some Stonewall Kitchen Roasted Apple Grill Sauce


Leftovers next day, heated slices in some mushroom gravy, added some cheese curds, let melt. Oh My! Even better than the first, Thanks for all the ideas on this site!

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That is one delicious looking meal!


The pork loin looks fantastic!


Point for making the carousel!



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yep, pretty nice bbq there :points: 

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DUA, looks like an incredible smoke ! point

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Yes sir you can't go wrong with the Bear.points1.pngfor a job well done.



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Pork-n-Apples, always a winner!
That last money shot with the Roasted Apple Grill sauce is drool worthy.
I'm gonna have to find that sauce.
Congrats on making the Carousel.
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Delicious! I made Bear's stuffed pork Loin a few weeks backs to rave reviews.
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Ive got 2 loins in the smoker right now, but wishing I had apples in them now! Thanks a lot! :icon_redface:


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Being you like apple pie filling and those sweet taters here's one for you if you haven't all ready done so. Mix apple pie filling with chunks of sweet taters and cook together . A delightful treat to any meal especially with pork.



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Awesome looking pork loin. I've been thinking about using apple pie filling and now, I know. That's a really good cook. points.gif
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Good looking loin. I've made Bear's apple pie filling stuffed loin so I know just hiw delicious it is. Its even better using a tenderloin--about a 50/50 mix of meat and filling.


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That looks great. I haven't seen this one before.... Giving me temptations though.... points1.png

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