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Awesome wedding present!!!!! (or

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So this past weekend I smoked 110# of brisket, chicken and various pork for my wedding. Meal was epic and everyone was amazed that I did it all myself at home. A week prior I took over cooking a whole hog for a friend's wedding reception and again it was a hit so my buddy helped me out with my wedding cook. My best friend saw how much I ended putting into making both meals work and commented on how meticulous I was with my smoker and how much sleep I deprived myself in order to keep an eye on it.

I tell my friend during the cook the evening before my wedding that I'm saving up for a guru to help me have better more predictable cooks. He took interest in the device and I showed him what they were and how cool it was having a helper for temps.

Today this shows up....

Rat bastage got me the kit for a wedding present....awesome stuff but I'm already onto his motives, I told him I'm gonna kill him and he said "can you at least make me a brisket before you pull the trigger so I can see how it works" I'm geeks now and blown away at this present.
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That's a great story! Lol good for you guys! Points!
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Great story!


That's a real friend!



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