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I guess this is the obligatory Hi thread.

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Well .. I finally made an account. I've looked around here a lot in the past few months or so.  


I bought an electric smoke (MES 30) some time ago and have looked up plenty of information on it and wound up here.  


I still struggle with it when I use it .. but I haven't used it in some time now.  I had a grill to go along with it that I really loved.  Due to its age, quality of materials, maybe a little bit of neglect too, and the weather I have passed it on to my little brother who spent some time and effort with someone he knows who can form metal to get it back in usable shape.  


After I realized it's demise was immanent, I cleared with my other half for a Lang.  I built an outdoor kitchen of sorts to put a roof over the Lang and have committed myself to better upkeep (not leaving ash in it indefinitely to get wet from the rain) and keep it and me from the sun and weather while cooking.  I must say .. I am really enjoying my Lang.  I have smoked 2 pork butts, 4 racks of ribs (baby backs and full ribs), brisket (point only) for burnt ends, pork chops, and some pork belly burnt ends.  


The last time I did ribs it was spare ribs that I finally worked up the courage to trim up and make look nicer.  As much as I hate the thoughts of wasting the meat that I'm paying for, they came out MUCH better.  


There is currently a pork butt on the smoker now with some clearance beef flanken rib bone.  The butt will be pulled, bagged, sealed, and frozen for vacation week after next.  The flanken ribs will end up being a snack while waiting on the shrimp stuffed pork tenderloin that will go on later.  


I've smoked with oak mainly, hickory some, pecan once, and pear once.  The pear wood took a lot of wood to keep going.  It burned not that hot and fast.  I thought that was strange.  


At any rate .. I'll try and gets some pics of the kitchen setup shortly and post them up.  


I am more of a modest person, honestly, but I'm somewhat proud of how it came out. 

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Welcome to SMF!


Glad you decided to join us!



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Welcome Flyer!!:welcome1:


Glad to see you---We got a bunch of Great Smoking Texans here!! Thumbs Up




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Please see this thread:


this is my 'Hi thread'.  Also has the pics promised.

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Originally Posted by Flyer View Post

Please see this thread:


this is my 'Hi thread'.  Also has the pics promised.

Got it---Thanks!!





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