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I just joined today, August 20th.  I am retired and smoke a lot of salmon, chicken and duck breast.  My smoker was made from an old refrigerator and has lasted for 30 years.  If there are any smoking aficionados in the Spokane-Colville-Coeur D Alene area that want to share ideas on line, drop me a message.  Looking forward to being a member here.

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Surfguy, how's that for irony.  I'm over in CDA and just joined today.  I'm running a Traeger pellet grill and a kamado type egg (Vision).  Always looking to learn new recipes, techniques, and about different kinds of smokers.  How is your fridge system set up?



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Hi Cloudrnnr,

My refrigerator was built thirty years ago when it was still possible to find no plastic or rubber parts in the housing.  I striped all of the plastic out of the refrigerator and replaced it with aluminum.  In addition, a heating element from an oven is installed about 18 inches from the bottom; the element is connected to a 220V outlet.  All of the refrigerator racks are in tack and are supported by aluminum brackets.  The refrigerator itself is housed in a wood shed with a slanted roof and a smoke stack protruding from it.


If we could meet sometime, I would like to show you pics of this smoker and exchange recipes and techniques.

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Hi Cloudrnnr,

Sent you an email last night.  Just checking if you received it.  So far, you are the closest member who replied to my joining post.


I smoke primarily salmon, but do a little chicken and duck occasionally. My salmon process is quite involved as I brine the fish for three days prior to smoking.  I smoke a lot of salmon for my wife's catering business.

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:welcome1:....   Glad you joined...  Dave

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Thanks Dave.  I have been looking for a smoking meat site like this one for sometime.

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This is a very good site...  enjoy....