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Finally diving in!

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Howdy all!


So...I just picked up a Masterbuilt Pro Charcoal & Propane smoker from HD.  Finished seasoning her up last night.  Everything looks good so far, but I am seeing all the same issues that I saw on here when researching it.  Smoke coming out of the door gaps, not enough control of propane flow, and the wood chip pan directly on the burner causing the wood chips to ignite and burn way too quickly.  I'll be addressing all of those problems, so I hope I can start to make delicious smoked foods soon!


I also recently bought a 20 year old natural gas Weber grill, and I have an additional natural gas hookup on the porch, so I'll probably converting the Masterbuilt to NG at some point down the road.


I look forward to all of the collective knowledge here!!!



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You have come to the right place!  Good luck with your new smoker!



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Welcome aboard Aaron!


Glad to have you with us!



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Great having you...the collective knowledge on this forum will have you smoking great food in no time.
Plenty of proven mods for your unit on here that'll help shorten your learning curve.
Happy smoking.

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