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New guy here. Hola!

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Howdy from Western NY.  Just got my first smoker - a Masterbuilt Pro Dual Fuel.  I just did the curing process and it worked out well.  I'd read that a lot of owners of this unit had a hard time getting the heat to 400 deg, but I had no problem getting there at all.  


I've tried doing the smoking thing on my gas grill w/ some success, but figured I'd go whole hog (pun intended) and do it right.


I'm sure I'm going to have a lot of questions, and I don't want to bother people by asking the same questions, so I'll be sure to use the search function to hopefully avoid clogging the forum w/ redundant questions.


I guess that's it for now.  Thanks in advance!



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Welcome to the site.  My wife is from Elma and I spent most of my childhood in Amherst.  What part of WNY are you from?




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Welcome to SMF dap from a CNY native!
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Thanks guys. LanceR - I'm in Rochester. But did live in Buffalo for a few years.
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Welcome from across the Great lake (and border).

I have the same smoker. I had no problem running it hot. Had other problems though...still a decent starter smoker.
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Yeah, I'm trying to figure out this needle valve thin. Figure I'll have to add one based on what I'm hearing. I was hoping there was a kit that just allowed me to put it between the smoker and the tank, but it looks like I'll have to do some work. I've never did me anything like this, so I'll be watching my share of YouTube vids I'm sure, lol
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welcome and congrats on your new cooker.I am from upstate and my dad lives near Watertown as well as my mom originally from that area as well.  I have friends and family all over Syracuse and buffalo are and I am from the Lake Placid area but now live in VT via a stint in Texas. We go all over western NY for Bowling Tournaments.

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I bought that smoker few weeks ago. Reviews were good and bad. Never have had problems with the temp. Does very well. My problem was the smoke. Had a friend build me a new box and just got it today. Much bigger and am looking forward to use it. Used small aluminum bread loaf pan next to the one that was in it and seemed to help to get me by til new box.
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