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Smoke Hollow Temperature Swing ...Solved ( I hope)

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I recently bought a Smoke Hollow GS32 smoker. It went together easily and is a good looking unit.  I used it two times and fought temperature consistency...I was constantly adjusting up or down and it seemed to jump both ways too much.


 I called Smoke Hollow about the fluctuation and they had no answer.


 I bought a GasPro 20 PSIG regulator and installed it.


I am very happy with this set up now.  I set the smoker control to medium and then dialed in the regulator (watching flame) until I got 225 temperature.

 Now when I adjust the knob on the smoker, I get very precise results...I can dial in 5 degree increments.


 I bought the regulator on Amazon for about $17 and am very pleased with it.


Today is the first time i used it and I had my temperature set and stabilized in 10-15 minutes.


Pretty good addition. I recommend it to anyone fighting the temperature swings.

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Nice little write up and solution to a problem. 

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Sounds like a great fix for any of the propane guys!


Thanks for sharing it.



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I had the same issue with my Masterbuild 40 inch propane smoker. I sealed the doors and the bought a 30 psi needle valve. From everything I had read, I thought I needed to keep the control knob on the smoker on high. I couldn't get the smoker to stay at any temperature very long. I finally tried turning the smoker knob as low as it would goe and then adjusted the needle valve. This worked great. I was able to keep temperature in a 5 to 6 degree window.
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