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Chuckie smoking today

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Will a 3.5 lb chuck roast stall similar to a park butt. I wrapped it in paper rather than foil like Jeff showed. Just wasn't expecting a stall.
Generally what temp does it start and about when does it start rising quicker.

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Stalled for about 1 - 1/2 hours then picked right back up. From about 164 to 174 now moving up just fine.
I used jeff's Texas rub
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More chuckies? Yes! Good stuff.. looks great..

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I did 2 a week ago 235 for almost 12 hours.. they were both 2.5 lbs
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Chucks are awesome to smoke but definitely prone to taking their own time.
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I was spritzing mine with liquid. 6 times maybe in 10 hours. Took forever that way.
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I'm at 9 hrs now and just 3 degrees away. Smells great. Hope I can catch some pics before it gets gone
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Chuckie seems to be a little more finicky to me than other cuts. My guess would be the wider variation in fat content. It should be tasty.
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Turned out great. Got raving reviews from the neighbors. All and all I found a new cut I love.

Not bad for a One time used 14" Weber Vertical i found at my other neighbors drive going out to the trash. With the cover and all. I figured not bad for camping so I grabbed it. Tried it out and I may just use it for small dinners with just me the wife and little one.

Anyway still can't laugh when the wife rolled her eyes at another grilling devise coming home. Till she heard it was free and tasted the goodness.
Winner winner chuckie dinner. 🙂🙂

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That's a great looking meal!


Nicely done!





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