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Thermoworks Coupon - 15% Off

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Coupon code available on the website - SITEWIDESAVE15.  Also, if you have an Amex, check to see if you've got the Thermoworks offer of $15 off of $75.  You can combo both if you're buying something like the Smoke ($99) which for me comes out to 88.14 including shipping and no tax (outside UT) before the $15 Amex credit, so 73.14 net shipped which is pretty good.  Not sure if I want to get this to supplement my ET-733 though...


Mk4 would work out to the same price since it is $99 as well

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I felt froggy and jumped on the offer too.

Bought a new Smoke unit and two Probe Extensions for $107 shipped.
Basically after the discount I got the probe extensions for free, nice. icon14.gif
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FYI - This deal is over online, but if you call they should still honor the %15 off.  I called yesterday and since they gave me the discount I upped the shipping to 2-day for $9.99.

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Can anyone provide the Thermoworks member discount code? Can't seem to find it anywhere.

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Well for those who were lazy and undecided like me (even though I started this thread), Thermoworks sweetened the deal on a Smoke if you don't mind an open box directly from the manufacturer.


I got an email this morning about a "open box private sale" for the Smoke for $76!  And today is the last day for the Amex offer ($15 off $75) if you have it.  So for me, this worked out to 76 + 3.99 - 15 = 64.99


While it does say "private" it also says feel free to forward on to friends, so here's the link:


I couldn't pas it up, so I'm in for 1!

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If only it had a couple more probe inputs
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Originally Posted by Anglerman View Post

If only it had a couple more probe inputs

Buy 2, or 3, or 4 (limit is 5) :biggrin:

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I decided to go ahead and pull the trigger on the open box deal as well. 

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I wish they'd had these sales a few weeks ago, when I was buying my TP-20 :) Oh well. I love my ThermoPop, I'm sure the Smoke is excellent!

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