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Another bisket trial run

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We have a memorial service at the old homestead in upstate NY this weekend and Im doing pulled pork which i have done many times and am comfortable doing but brisket i have only been a couple times so doing practice for dinner tonight.


I selected a 7 pound one and have rubbed it and its on the smoker now with competition pellets from pit boss and we will see how it goes.











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cooking along lol




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well i pulled it to rest about 8-10 degrees before i wanted ( ughhh i always plan bad lol) because everything else was done and everybody was looking at me like when will it be ready lol. Overall the flavor was very good and it was very tender









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Your brisket looks delicious!


Great looking meal!


Point for making the carousel!



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Yes, very nice meal :Looks-Great::points:

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Hey.. you got it done and nobody complained. Looks good 👍
You trimmed it big time..
I like the ring
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Tasty looking brisky!
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Very nice job. Looks great. I'm guessing that everyone loved it.

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yes everybody liked it but they usually do here are at home but we will see how i do next weekend when im cooking for 50-60 of my family members lol.
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