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1st smoker build - 140 gallon

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Hello all,

I am getting ready to start my first smoker build and thought I'd run my calcs by you guys first before I get too deep. I am going to start in a couple weeks and am just rounding up materials and designing right now. Let me know if I am missing anything or if anything seems to be off.

32572 cu in, cc size 24" x 72" tank
130.3 sq. In, fb/cc opening, rf plate opening

10,749 cu in fire box size. Was going to build to a 24x24x24 most likely. I thought up sizing the fire box would help. Good idea?

33 sq in. Air inlets, was thinking 11 on top 22 on bottom of fire box

6" pipe at 26" long smoke stack

8" tall segment height in a half circle cut for my fb/cc opening gives me 132 sq in. This is where I'd like some help making sure I figured that right.

That's where I'm at on calcs for now. I am starting a drawing and am leaning towards a 4" gap between my rf plate and my first rack. That gives me 12" to fit 2 racks in.

Let me know what you all think, any advise is welcome. I tried to start a build last summer but got a tank that was way too big and didn't realize just how big it was going to be. I decided to downsize and start with a good backyard smoker for now.

Thanks for your help in advance

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Try my calculator for the throat opening.

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Dang that's awesome! Pretty close to what I had figured. Thanks for the confidence!
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Thumbs Up

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Everything looks great keep us posted. I reference Pete's calculators a lot they are a great tool to have.

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So I found a tank to save myself some fab time but I have a couple concerns.

First, the tank is just a bit small. My calculations came up with 10,749 for the fire box. This tank is 10,050 is that a concern?

Second, for the fit it shows a segment hight of 10 which would put my plate 2" below my first rack. Is the rf plate to close to my bottom rack?

Third, the exterior of the tank is galvanized. I though about buying a respirator and grinding it off. Bad idea?

After writing all this out I think I need to move on and find a bigger tank.
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There are ways to safely remove galvanized coating. But personally I wouldn't bother with that tank. It's way more trouble than it's worth to use that tank. And although a smoker won't typically get to a temp that's dangerous with galvanized coatings, I don't see a reason to risk it myself. Keep looking and you'll find a suitable propane tank or air compressor tank which is easy to clean and safely use.

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So I moved on from the tank. I've got steel ordered to start building my fire box this weekend.

Next question, I am thinking of going flat black with chrome accessories. If I decide on this for a smoke stack do I need to add some length due to the curved end? Also, how important is it to have the damper on the top of the stack?
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The top cap is strictly to keep critters and rain out when not in use unless you super size the exhaust then it is used to adjust draft.

The problem with the turn out exhaust that you posted is if the end is facing a hard wind it can cause the draft to slow and stall. If I went chrome it would be straight up and not a turn out. The exhaust height would end at the bottom of the turn out if you chose that one.

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Starting the fire box.... putting my door on the front side, makes more sense how I will have things set up, and the vents on the end opposite the CC. Here goes nothing!

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I would also have a door on the end of the FB. It will be so much easier to clean out. If you're going to have a round FB, be sure to put a warming plate on top for pre-heating splits before you put them in the FB. If it is to be square, no problem.

Good luck with your build, Joe. grilling_smilie.gif
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Got it all welded up. I didnt put a lip on the fire box at the bottom of the door so I can pull the ashes out as I smoke. Also, just makes for an easier clean up.

So looking at the fire box I will weld the CC on the left side of the fire box. I am going to cut my vents into the right side of the fire box.

That's probably it for this weekend. Need to grind the welds, maybe this week if I get time. Going up next weekend to get the CC from the inlaws. I hope to make a lot of progress next weekend!

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So I had a pretty good weekend working on my smoker. Sorry, I am terrible at taking a moment and taking progress pictures. I got everything put together pretty much, all I lack is adding the smoke stack and a lot of weld/detail cleanup and I can run it. Then I'll worry about a shelf.

One thing I think I want to change is lowering my top shelf. I have almost 7" between the bottom and top shelf then just under 5 on the top to the door opening. I was going to go with 6 and 6 but was too afraid of fighting a pork butt. The other thing is to change the swing on my fire box, both are pretty easy changes.

I have it stored away in the garage right now. I'll pull it out in a couple nights and take some more pictures and show the way I added some stuff to more easily load it in the back of my truck to transport.

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