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Today's Smoke St Louis Ribs

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Well yesterday me and Momma went to Costco. I wanted to check out their meat and see what deal i could find. Now i been to Costco many times but never got any meat from their. So i figure i would give them a shot. So i picked up some St Louis cut ribs. Which came in a 3 pack for 30 bucks. Not bad if i do say so. Also i got a double pack of boneless pork butts 15 lbs for 32. Going to smoke those on our new freshly built reverse flow smoker in a week or so. Back to the ribs. I was looking online for a rub i could make to try on these's. I found meatheads rub. So i went with it and just added Chipotle seasoning to the rub because i wanted a little more kick. Tasted it and wow it was great. So i did 2 rack with that rub and the 3rd one i did with my local store Mexican rib rub. I am going to do 3 hours of smoke. Well try and get 3 hours of smoke if the color doesn't get to dark before then. Then wrap in foil and brown sugar and butter for about 1 hour. I added honey last time but really didn't care to much for them. Then take them out of foil and add a little rub on top and some apricot jam to finish them off. One thing i didn't care for when trimming the ribs was how much junk i got with these ribs from Costco. I cut a lot of fat and scrap meat off. Kinda sad. Here are some before pic. 



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Are you going to post some finished rib pics?

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Sure will!!! No beer for me today so i will be sober to remember. lol i'm so bad at remembering to post the finish pic.

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2 hours in the smoke and looking great!!!!

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Just out of foil and getting ready for the jam.

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Jam applied and cook for 20 to 30 more mins

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Those are looking great! I joined Costco this year after noticing one by me carries Prime packers 2-3.99#.
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 Time for dinner.

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Nice finish!icon14.gif
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Good looking bones, points!!
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Awesome smoke!  points1.png



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Looking great. cant wait to see the results.
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Well i'm disappointed in the taste of the 2 racks of ribs i tried the new rub on. There just was no flavor at all. The jam was the only flavor i could taste. The 3rd rack of ribs that i used the rub from my local store turn out amazing. Flavor was popping and the jam on them matches great with the rub. Sucky because they r going to my boss tomorrow. Well i guess i would rater have him have good tasting ribs. I dont think i will buy that brand of ribs again. They were way to fatty. Seem like there was a lot of fat inside the meat. Anyway learn and move on. Here is a picture of the rub i get from my local store. Has anyone every used it. 

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I've seen it but never used it, usually just salt and pepper for me. I have, however, had the Costco SL cut ribs before. No different than any other pre cut packaged SL ribs. They cut the bones and leave the tips. My Costco doesn't have full spares so I get the back ribs. Those are pretty good and I would recommend them.
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Check out Jeff's rub recipe!  It is my staple with ribs and the proceeds support this forum!



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Ribs look good from here. Can never find ribs there that are not already seasoned. Will have to keep my eye out more for them...

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Your ribs sure look good to me!


Nice job!



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Woo!  Looks great.  Points sir!



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