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Teriyaki Pheasant Sandwich

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Sliced some pheasant into strips and marinated overnight in teriyaki sauce. Sliced some red onions and green peppers and sautéed them along with the pheasant.

Added some crushed pineapple.

Toasting the buns.

Of course had to add some provolone cheese.


Thanks for looking!
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Wow! Awesome! Did the pheasant taste come through the teriyaki?
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It did, wasn't over powering.
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Excellent. I have a bunch of pheasant in the deep freeze and I'm always looking for new recipes.
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That looks absolutely delicious!


Nicely done!


Congrats on making the carousel!





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Nice! A friend just gave me some pheasant quarters and Chukkar to smoke. looking around for ideas. 

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Looks great, you always get your buns and bread perfect!
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Yum! I haven't had pheasant in a long time, but that looks like a great way to have it!

I had a friend that was a taxidermist and he put the head of a Pheasant on a Chukar. Guess what it was called?


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MM, that is one tasty looking sammie! point!!!

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This looks amazing! I just ate the last of my pheasant in the freezer and this makes me wish i still had some. Looking forward to seasoning starting so i can make some of these.

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Looks Great Marty!!Thumbs Up---:points:


Bet that was Tasty!!:drool


I haven't had Pheasant in years!!

Not many around here any more---Farmers are too efficient !!




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