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Wood chips

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Does it make a difference whether the chips are soaked before hand?  If so, do you do a wet/dry mix?

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Don't soak them. It only delays the wood from actually smoking. Dry wood is what you need. 

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yup dont wet them does nothing 

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Yep, what they said!


Dry chips!



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If you are using dry chips dont they burn fast? How much do you use with dry chips for a shorter smoke say 2 hrs for burgers
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Here is a link to an article about the myth of soaked wood being better.

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Thanks for the replies.  I had been using dry but kept seeing celebrity bbq chefs soak the wood and as the reason I wasn't soaking them was forgetting to, I began to wonder if it was correct.


I have a wood chip box and fill it regardless of what I am doing including burgers. I set the box right beside the hot coals Hope y'all get smoke rings on a burger. Thumbs Up


I did a pork burger tonight with applewood. Waited until i had smoke (about 3 minutes).  For smokey burger btw, I close the lid even though the burgers are being direct grilled.


Cheers and keep on smoking.

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You can read this article to know about using wood chips: How to Use a Vertical Smoker With Wood Chips

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