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Weekend Brisket

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  Well I have been planning a brisket for awhile, Thx to DukeBurger for telling me about the meat sale last month. The wife finally had the chance to try brisket a few weeks ago at a BBQ joint in Montana and was very happy, I have cooked a couple but always at work. This will be my first one at home and also on the fairly new smoker. We picked up a Pit Boss pellet grill and have been working it as much as possible. Great unit so far. 

 We had to have the absolute best weather for this one, 9 C or about 48 F raining and windy....:icon_eek:  So putting on the brisket at midnight tonight and will babysit it off and on through the night.

 Started with a 12.5# after trimming close to 11. Seasoned with Salt Pepper and a little onion powder and flakes

Just fired up the smoker and lets start the night...... 

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This is kinda funny. I smoked my first brisket yesterday--also courtesy of DukeBurger telling me about that same meat sale. I'm going to post it tomorrow so I'm real interested in how yours turns out.

I'll be watching.

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Great start!



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Well the night went good, it was cooking quicker than I thought, had the smoker set for 225 and it was always closer to 250, I went to check it at 430 this morning and it was looking good in its stall 167, I thought Ok I'Il pull it and wrap it........ Well nutts, I feel asleep on the couch wife woke me up at 8 this morning. So I check'd  the thermo and brisket and wow it's done.... 205 and 208 on the point.... uhhhggg..... It's pulled and wrapped and in the cooler until noon ish when the company shows up.... I guess we will have a full tummy for the festivities..... nutts..... 

 Here is a pulled picture the slice shots to follow this afternoon.

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The brisket looks Great!!!    Looking forward to the sliced shots and your write up.



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Man, that brisket is making drool now, the sliced shots aught to be pure torture.
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So friends arrived we had a few bevies and made a treat for them "Meat Candy". We never told them what it was just to try it, It went over great




 I was introduced to these delicious little gems by a friend we were making sausage with, Start with large whole Medjool dates, cut 1 side and remove the pit, Stuff generously with a spicy Italian sausage ( we made one with opa, with these in mind as well) then wrap with bacon and pin with a toothpick, Put on grill, smoker, or in the oven 350 ish and cook until bacon is done. They are delicious. ( Too all those that don't like dates.... Don't let let them fool you in this treat They are great )


Finally ready to eat so we took the brisket out of th cooler, separated the point ( didn't do burnt ends this time....) sliced it up and served




It turned out decent a little overcooked I thought but everyone enjoyed, It was a good day all in all...

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Overcooked?? It looks real tasty to me. Nice and moist. Tender?

Your "meat candy" really interests me--naturally. I'm guessing you used fresh dates. Where did you get them? Obviously I can get them at the same place. What wood did you smoke them with, or did you do them in the oven? I'll be smoking them so about how long would you suggest? My Mes doesn't really cook bacon well so I'd be finishing under the broiler.

POINT for a great meal.

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Thx Gary, I got the dates at Superstore this time, Safeway and Walmart have them also, On the smoker cook them until sausage is cooked, IT 152 is what I did, then I put on the grill to crisp bacon, We have done them in the oven about a half hr at 350. My wife does not like dates nor one of our friends that was over yesterday, But they loved these treats, I didn't tell them what they were until after they ate them :biggrin:.....I used a competition blend from pitboss, I have not found a great selection of pellets yet but I am slowly finding more and more....

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Brisket looks good on my screen, but you're, The Man On the Scene.

Yes please, tell us more about the Meat Candy.
I would imagine a Fruit wood
Cooked until bacon is crisp
Fresh or dried dates?
Whole or half, did you just squeeze the pit out of a slit or slice it wide open?
Did you glaze them with anything?
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The meat Candy is a simple one, I buy the dates fresh in a container with the pits in, slice on one side remove the pit, Stuff with meat a spicy one to balance the swwetness of the date. ( we were told italian sausage so we made some on the spicy side lol) stuff them to the point they are overstuffed, then wrap with a 1/2 slice of bacon, grill oven or smoker until meat is done bacon is cooked. They are very simple to make and are great tasting. Have fun and enjoy....

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Brisket looks good but the meat candy is definitely going on the list to try
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AB The brisket looks great to me,the dates sound good also Points


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The meat candy idea sounds amazing!!  And your brisket looks terrific!!  Points!!

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I dont like dates, but i might have to give you meat candy a try. Your brisket loojs delicious.
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Thx all, and good luck with the meat candy, It is yummy, even addicting.... But then again so is grilling, smoking, and SMF.....

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