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Hello Everyone!


Hope you all had a Happy Easter.  I've been on the forum for a bit, mostly posting about my recent project, a reverse flow smoker build.  I've been delayed in the build and posts to the forum due to a lot of work.  I've particularly been cutting firewood and smoking wood.  


The styles I've been cutting for smoking wood include: fig, holly oak, olive, apricot, almond, bay leaf, lemon, orange, tangerine and oak.  Not sure on the real name of the holly oak, as I only know the Greek name for the medium brushy type tree.  It's an oak, with white oak wood characteristics (yet much smaller), red oak coloring and leaves like a holly (much smaller, however).  It also bears large acorns.  The thing grows in the beginning like a brush, but after many years here in Greece, they become trees with approximately 10" trunks.  


I got a lot of field dried olive that was cut 1-2 years ago.  Really nice dry stuff ready to go in the smoker.  The others are chopped and ready for drying in the summer sun.  I have to say that bay has become one of my favorites.  I have a big bay tree in my backyard and I use the leaves for cooking and smoking.  The wood actually holds very similar characteristics to the leaves and gives a very nice savory flavored smoke.  


Any smoking advice or experiences with the above mentioned woods, would be awesome.  I've heard that fig is really nice for smoking and I have a ton of it this year.  Looking forward to the fall when the wood is good and dry.  


I'll post up some pics's dark and raining so no chance of pics today.  




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