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Easter Sunday Ribs

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We had a turkey dinner at the sister in laws yesterday so today it's rib day. Applied CC Ryder's rub last night and in to the smoker at noon. We'll be serving with rice, home made slaw and garlic bread. 92331866d123da03389f9413225c9b7c.jpg
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Looks good. I made ribs as well. Happy Easter.
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Put them in foil with AJ at 2.5 hours then unwrapped and sauced with Sweet Baby Ray's at hour 4 then served at 5. Turned out great. Happy Easter! ee93535c427a67442dc4da7006e8c42c.jpg0eb6e1ffc9bec32b3ee7e8c9ec4f23f4.jpg4ca54581f260e7e2c09f2964ae5b2334.jpga306382271b9a140026974e59a6b1d1b.jpg

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Tasty looking ribs,I love the garlic bread.
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S1016, nice smoke and a great plate shot !

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Awesome looking ribs!


Point to you for making the carousel!



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Those look phenomenal!

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Righteous ribs and great qview! Point!



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