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MES 30in Tar

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Hi, so I'm pretty new to all this, but I recently got a master built 30in electric smoker and have used it several times, my biggest question is what should I do about the sticky black tar? It has gotten bad and drips on my food now. What is causing this? Can I prevent it? Any advice would be great, along with tips for smoking baby backs. Thanks
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The sticky black tar is creosote & needs to be removed from the ceiling of the smoker at least.

You can leave it on the sides & bottom without any problems, but when it melts on your food it's going to make it bitter.

It is caused by producing thick white smoke in your smoker. What are you using to produce the smoke? 

Most of the MES guys use an AMAZEN tray & burn pellets or dust in it for the smoke.

If your using the MB cold smoker attachment it needs to be separated from the smoker with a length of pipe so the creosote will stay in the pipe & nice clean smoke will get into the smoker.

If your using the factory chip loader don't overfill it. Just keep adding small amounts every 30-40 minutes.


You want to see nice light blue smoke coming out of the vent, not thick white smoke.

There are a thousand ways to smoke ribs & everyone thinks differently on this subject.

But here is how I do them, maybe this will help you.



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Thanks, I'm using the factory chip loaded with hickory wood chips, so when I used it the first time I left the vent open all the way but the ribs had no smoke flavor at all and that was loading chips every 45 mins, so I started closing the vent and it gave the meat a very slight smoke flavor, am I doing it wrong? I was expecting there to be a much stronger smoke flavor on the ribs. I'm about to try again this afternoon. Thanks so much
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What temp were you smoking at? Did the chips burn to ash or just to a black charcoal stage. With chips in the chip tray the mes electric won't produce much smoke. Try smoking at 275 and adjust the cook time a little. You still wont get alot of smoke but it will be more.
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I was smoking at 225, the chips burned to black charcoal
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Originally Posted by Alexidor View Post

I was smoking at 225, the chips burned to black charcoal
you can try the higher heat for more smoke flavour as it makes the element cycle more and you should get a better burn on the wood chips but as Al mentioned most mes owners rely on an alternative smoke source either in the smoker or in an external chamber to get the desired amount of smoke. I use the mailbox mod when i use my mes30
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Would you send me a link to the one you recommend?
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Originally Posted by Alexidor View Post

Would you send me a link to the one you recommend?
Al provided a link in his responce to your original post. I use the AMNPS 5x8 maze and also the AMNTS 12in. I would not recommend using the tube inside the mes30...way too much smoke. I do use the maze occasionally in the smoker but prefer using both of them in the mailbox mod for a cleaner smoke. Use the search function and look up mailbox mod to get all the info on external smoke generation.
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Once you have loaded the 1/4 cup of chips, pull the chip loader out about 1 1/2" so more air is let into the smoker...   exhaust wide open... 

If you taste the food after you have been smoking all day, you will be "Immune" to the smoke taste...   the next day you will be able to taste the smoke....

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I would stop using that Chip Burner that came with your smoker, and get an AMNPS, like Al gave the link for.


An MES & an AMNPS are a Match made in Smoker's Heaven!!


As long as you aren't at a high altitude, I would get the 5 X 8 AMNPS, and if you're at a high altitude get the AMNTS (Tube) instead.


The Amazing Smokers are Home Based in your state of MN.




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