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Thoughts on Masterbuilt's new Propane Smoker?

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Does anyone have this smoker? It sounds amazing. Set and forget with the real flame flavor profile of propane? Never tried a propane smoker, as my first and current smoker is an MES 30, but I'm seriously considering it with this one. Thoughts?
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The only concerns I have is low temperature control....   Most if not all manufacturers of propane smokers rely on using a water pan with water in it to control temps in the low 200's temperature range....    It's difficult, at best, for a manufacturer to supply a burner that will operate at low enough temps, 100-120 deg. F, to properly start the smoking cycle... 

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I saw one yesterday looked like a decent unit hard to tell to much they always put them up on a shelf   

one thing I did notice is that when you open the bottom door for wood chips the pan is on a wire support that is attached to the door  so that it swings out I thought that was nice easy to fill so your  not burning your hand   but I thought the pan was very cheap and flimsy    

I wish I would have looked at it a little longer but I was  rushing thru      

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I wound up having to use a water (water or sand your choice) pan to control temps at most heat ranges.
Without it I was getting fluctuations in the temps.
Now with pan and a needle valve, I can hold low temps steadily.

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I have the Masterbuilt 2 door propane model. I have yet to try using sand instead of water, what exactly is the difference? Are there advantages to using one instead of the other?

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It's definitely a matter of opinion.
I always use water and havent had any issues but there others who use only sand.
I think it boils down to having some medium in the pan that helps regulate the swing in temperatures.
Others will probably weigh in on this subject.
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I would also like to know if anyone has the "Thermotemp" model.
I'm afraid to many comments may reference the standard models not the Thermotemp.

I also wonder what is the lowest temp that can be maintained, under ideal conditions of course. LoL, how rare does that happen?!
I'm usually in a good wind so the automatic shut off if the flame goes out is a great feature.
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