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New member from Lakeside Park KY

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My name is Ken and I am new to this forum. I am from Lakeside Park KY and am newer to smoking. I have been BBQ'ing for many years but want to try my hand at smoking. I got a Char Broil Oklahoma Joe's Offset Smoker for Fathers Day 2016. Had a few good smokes last year but need some tips mostly on temp control. Hope I can lean on my fellow brethren to give me some tips!
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Welcome to the forum Ken!

Temp control on an offset is just a matter of experience.

Learning what size fire to start out with & learning when & how big a piece of wood to add to keep the temp stable will come with time.

I think one of the biggest mistakes that are made in the beginning is opening & closing the dampers to much.

Build your fire & let the smoker come up to temp. See where it stabilizes at. My Lang likes to run around 260-280. It is very easy to keep it there. If the temp starts to drop a few degrees I throw in a split. The temp will spike a little when you add some wood, but don't close the dampers to bring it back down, it will come back down in a few minutes by itself.

If I want to run it at 225, then I just start out with a smaller fire & when needed add smaller splits & keep the dampers closed a little more.


You just have to practice & it will get easier each time.



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Thanks for the advice! Sounds like all I need is just a little bit of patience!!
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