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Chef Willie VFW Brats

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I needed a beer brat fix- especially after seeing all the sausage threads lately. I wanted to give a thank you and credit plug to Chef Willie for his VFW Brat recipe:


I whipped up a 5# batch. They were stuffed yesterday and vac sealed and hidden away in the freezer to take camping.




I did save out 4 brats for dinner. The Mrs. isn’t a generally a bratwurst fan and she said she only wanted one. (I know! Whats wrong with her?) I will admit I am trying to change all that.


I poached them in onions and beer and finished them off on the grill, and served with some homemade fries, pickled vegetables, and fresh homemade Dijon. She ate her one brat, and I think she wanted another, but before I could even get my camera out I had the other 3 devoured! Sorry, not plated pic. Man! These are really good!


Thank you again Chef Willie for a fantastic beer brat recipe! Kudos my man!


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Looks tasty! Every time I roll through Albany I keep thinking I should stop in tonthe VFW and see how Chef W is doing. Never seems to be the right time of day though!
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The brats look fantastic!


I'm sure they were as delicious as they look!



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