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New here From the Pacific NW

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Just got a new OKJoe's Highland Smoker.

Thought I should become a member here.


I have been using a brinkman smoke n pit.

Worked OK until I tried to do a brisket in the rain at 45 degrees!  


I first started smoking/grilling on a Weber kettle grill.

Had good success doing chicken, pork,ribs indirect.

I have probably a dozen briskets under my belt with the brinkman and also tried a few on a pellet smoker.

I am back to wanting to smoke on an offset as the pellet smoker is basically a convection oven imo.

So this is what I have smoker/grill wise now.


2 Weber kettle grills

1 smoke chef pellet smoker

1 Oklahoma Joe's highland offset smoker






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Welcome from another PNW member!

Great site lots of information. The search feature here works great. Don't be afraid to post a question if you have one. Most importantly show off your smokes.
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Welcome aboard!


Congrats on the new smoker!


Looking forward to seeing it in action!



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