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Uneven Cooking in Smoker

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I am using a 30" Masterbuilt Electric smoker.  This weekend I made snack sticks and loaded the smoker full.  I did the 100 degrees for and hour then put smoke to it and raised the temp to 130 then 10 degrees every hour after that to 170.  after several hours I looked and the meat on the right side was way more done than the meat on the left.  I did have the vent on top closed almost all the way.  This is the first time I experienced this with this smoker but the first time I have had it this full.  I wished I took a picture to help show my results. I plan on doing more in a month or so, but now I am a little leary.  Any advice?

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I think all mes's have hot spots as you noticed it was hotter above the heating element. I try to block off above the element to the back of the smoker with a foil pan to get the temp to even out a bit. I also move the dowels I hang the sausage from front to back as well as rotate them a couple of times. Also I don't do more than 5 to 6 lbs at a time anymore. Filled it really full once and had poor results so now I do a couple different flavors and smoke in 2 batches
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You should really leave the top vent wide open. This allows for good smoke circulation and avoids having your food sit in stale smoke.

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Missed that good call Gary
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