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Sausage Sunday

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So I had a couple of requests to try and make some sausage. My wife wanted me to make Kielbasa for Easter and one of the guys at work (from Texas) wanted me to try and make Texas Style Hot Links for him like he used to get.


I started the process on Saturday night and picked up about 16 lbs of shoulder (after I removed the bone @.99 a lb)


Cubed it, froze it and ground it.


5lb Bowls (1lb extra for breakfast sausage Patties for the morning)



Forgot the picture of the stuffer



All Stuffed, Kielbasa in the back, Texas Style Hot Links in the front. I used natural casings for the first time and it went really well. Kind of hard to get it on the tube at first but once I figured it out it went pretty quick. I used some red food coloring on the Hot Links to give them the red look (as requested).



I did a fry test on both and the Kielbasa is pretty darn good. The Hot links........Well they are HOT. Maybe a bit too much for me. My wife looked at the ingredients and said no freaking way!


I will smoke all but half of the Kielbasa (wife likes smoked and my son and I like Fresh).


Thanks for looking.



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Nice! Thumbs Up

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Nice job! Texas hot links take some beer to cool things off!
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Nice job! One thing on the heat is that it will moderate a little if you give it a couple of weeks in the freezer or a few days in the fridge.

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Nice looking sausages,I never tried smoked kielbasa.
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Looks like you lived up to your name! Nice links!

Some of the hot link recipes are really hot, but like dirtsailor said, nothing a cold brew can't tame!

Great work!

Points for your first use of natural casings!
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Thanks guys, here it is finished up .[/IMG]
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Great looking sausage Link, you sure got some nice color on them.    

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Nice job on those sausages! 

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The sausages look fantastic!


Great color on the smoked ones!



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Thanks for all of the comments guys. I have learned lots from you guys and this site.



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