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Hi all from the Western Shore

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Hi all, 


New member here from the sunny Western Shore of MD.  Just taking up the habit, got a new OK Joe, sealed it up nice,  did a one smoke, bought a Maverick, did another smoke, extended the exhaust down to the grate and  did one more. 


First smoke took a lot longer than I though, but the Maverick fixed that.  The temp at the grate is about 30 degrees lower than the temp at the stock themo. 


The exhaust extension made it a little easier to control temps. Still can't leave it alone for 1/2 hr or it will cool down or run away.  The extension did increase the delta between the stock thermo and grate by 20 degrees. 


Now to fix the overwhelming sour smoke flavor.   I want to get that under control before Rockfish season.  I need another way to prepare those things. 



For the huge hunks of pig I have been smoking, , I've been lighting with chunk charcoal, and cooking with wood,  


Any tips are welcome.




On the Western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. 

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DevGnoll, welcome to SMF!  Glad you are here and working through your issues.  The side burner folks should be able to help. 


Have fun!



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