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New Toy To Sit Next To My Grill!

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So I have been wanting a propane deep fryer for a while but $$$ stopped me from getting it. Well I have been sitting on some giftcards from sears and I found that they offer lots of stuff from other vendors like wayfair.

While browsing for a new kitchen deep fryer I found this

Here it is assembled.

Here is a video of 4.5lbs of fries in the 3 baskets.

Here are the finished fries.

They were nice a crisp just like at the FF places. Overall its a great little unit. Will work good for bigger events and what not. Now for just the fam it will be overkill so ill just use the counter top one we have.

Thanks for looking.

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congrats bmudd that's a beast 

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Wow that looks like a great unit congrats!
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WOW.   That's a animal.  


I need one.   Why?????   




I don't know but maybe to fry stuff. 

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That is huge 


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That's awesome Brian!


I'd love to have one of those!


I need a bigger house!



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WoW!!! That'll make a load or two of fried goodies!
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Sad thing is the one I really wanted holds 17 gallons of oil and has 2 separate sides biggrin.gif

But I am happy with this as it will get the job done.

We have a surprise birthday party next sunday and will have 120ish people so this will helps alot with the fries. Gotta figure out which grill(s) ill be using for the burgers.

Ill let you know how it does with a big work load under it.
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I LOVE THAT!  I want one!!!!



NOW all I have to do is convince Hubby that I really NEED it! :icon_lol:

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Wow! Im jealous. I cook for a couple of fish taco feeds every year that I could sure use that for.

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Dang! You opening a Mudd Burger?!?! Nice toy...JJ
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Now that IS a sweet new toy!  I can see a lot of potential right there!

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You'll need to do a conversion on your diesel pickup so you can burn all that used cooking oil. My, but is that thing ever big.

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That's pretty dang nice. Thumbs Up I'd be nervous with kids around tho. if I have my fish fryer out I don't allow little ones anywhere near the patio. 

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