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7th Annual South Florida Gathering 2017

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Hey Everyone, 

I dont want to take any visibility from the Spring South Florida Gathering but I just got word of when my company trip is this year, the one i had to miss last year because it overlapped this gathering. The company trip is going to be the first weekend in November, so i wanted to get the calendar ball rolling for this one.


Would people prefer:

Nov. 10-11 (This is veterans day weekend and the annual CCC event so we'd would need to book well in advance)

Nov. 17-18

..the following weekend is Thanksgiving.



Dont really need any answers or decisions now just wanted to get this info out there :)



....also more info to come about the rest of the gathering for new and returning attendees soon

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 NICE !         I would say the later date Nov 17-18  Let me know ASAP , Myself & Miss Karin along with Jason/Mike who want to camp this time and do some Country Ham ....   Thanks Doug ! 

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