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St Pattys Day sous vide

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St Pattys day is Friday so we're gonna need something to eat to soak up all that beer. Let's begin.

9 pound corned beef brisket cut in half to fit in the bags.

In the drink at 430pm Wednesday afternoon.

Plan is to do a 48 hour cook at 140 degrees. Nice loaf of the bread, and Dearborn brand kraut ready to roll. Store today for some Swiss and Russian dressing.

Plan on flipping the meat today around 430 since they overlap a bit in the cooler.
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I bet it's gonna be good!



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Briskets were flipped about 24 hours in (4pm) yesterday. No pics because it just wasn't pic worthy. Still plan on pulling today around 4-430. That'll be 48 hours in the sous vide.
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Looking forward to seeing the finish!



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Have mine in the bucket right now too. Gonna be good!
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How'd it turn out? Any pics of the finished product?

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Sorry been busy all weekend.

The corned beef came out great! I pulled them at 50 hours exactly. I sliced one up to bring to the farm for our st pattys day party, and I put one in the fridge for later. Not sure might try freezing some of it.

Fresh out of the bath.

Sliced up.

Close up.

Laying on a bed of kraut.

Reuben build.

Ready to eat.

Corned beef came out great! Best I've ever had. 100% sold on the sous vide. Gonna try this again soon. Thinking about smoking a brisket to a certain temp and then using the sous vide to finish it real soon as well.
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Boy that is a perfect looking Reuben!


It looks absolutely delicious!


Congrats on making the carousel!





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Thanks Al!

It was the best I've ever had. I'm thinking you should try it. Probably a lot of corn beef on sale this week!
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My wife isn't sold on Sous Vide yet. She didn't like the hamburgers and the brussel sprouts didn't turn out. They were extremely bitter and though they were vacuum packed tight air got between them making it hard to keep them under water. That corned beef looks great as did Al's pastrami a while back, I think I'll give that a shot next. She loves corned beef. What did you find different about Sous Vide cooking it as opposed to boiling it with cabbage?

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I did mine at 140 and it was the most tender and juicy corn beef I've ever had. It was gushing while I was cutting it. I heard you can do it at 135 for super juicy or 145 for a little on the dry side so I chose right in the middle.

If your wife likes corn beef she'll like this for sure.

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Thanks Scott I'm sold and she absolutely loves Rubens This might be the turning point for her dislike for Sous Vide cooking.
I have two big old cowboy stakes that I think would benifet by Sous Vide cooking. I was thinking a little cold smoking followed by a med rear Sous Vide cook then rerub and sear on a 700 degree grill. What do you think? The only thing I need to find out is how long in the Sous Vide bath to cook a 31/4 pound bone in stake to med rear.

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Looks great,the the cooler mod looks perfect to cook some brisky!
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Your steak is 3 1/4 pounds? That's a frekin roast! Lol! What kind of steak is it? A cowboy steak is a ribeye correct? It's gonna depend on the thickness but as long as it's not to thick a few hours should be fine. 130 degrees for a perfect medium rare.

A cold smoke, then sous vide, then hot sear sounds great! I'd love to see your results on a post here.
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Looks great! I did one at 145 for 36 hours tender and delicious. I then sautéed a head of cabbage in the bag juice.
Sorry, no pics too busy 😒
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B one

The cooler won't fit a monster whole packer but it should fit a smaller one. Think I'm gonna up grade to a larger cooler.
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That's good to know. Was the meat a little bit dry at 145? Also the cabbage in the bag juice sounds great! I was only planning on Reuben's so no cabbage, just some kraut.

I sliced some as thin as I could with a knife tonight for a Reuben but I could really use a slicer. then again cleaning a knife is far quicker than cleaning a meat slicer.
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Yep! They are ribeye's 2" thick and 13" long including the bone I posted a picture somewhere, but they don't look as huge in pictures as they really are.
I get so concentrated on processes when I smoke that I often forget to take pictures of some of the steps, but I'll do my best when I finally cook them. So far I have tenderized them with a spring loaded gadget that exposes many long stainless steel spikes when you push it into the meat, then I rubed a really good mix of spices in to them, than vacuum packed them and froze them. I do that with all my stakes and ribs and chickens.
I rearly go from fresh to smoker. Unless it's brisket or butts, not that it adds flavor it's just the way I do things. I can buy things on sale that I don't intend to cook right away, wash them, dry them, rub them and vacuum pack them for later on. The only sale items I can't do that with are previously frozen foods, those I have to rub and smoke then vacuum pack and freeze, or eat. Consequently I have a freezer full of cured, brined and rubed meats ready to go on the smoker. I might add that I live in Minnesota where smoking in the winter months are not my idea of fun so I stick pile and wait for nice weather. Right now we are in the 40's and 50's perfect for cold smokes. Going to pick up some pork belly today for bacon, some corned beef or a flat to make my own corned beef. Oh I originally bought the Sous Vide cooker to thaw out frozen cooked foods without recooking them in a microwave or oven drying them out. But It does such a great job on so many things that I want to try it out on everything. Next of course is corned beef.
I apologize it's morning and I tend to go on and on.

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I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure the cooking time goes up when you tenderize the meat with needles. Pushing bacteria from the outside to the inside of the meat is something I don't know enough about so I don't do it.

Smokin Al would know for sure.
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