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Danish fermented sausage

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Making traditional Danish fermented sausauge(salami/spegepølse in Danish). Last time I followed a recipe from the book I got, it failed as the author had forgot the brine for curing part So this time it should be in order as this is included in this recipe.


Ran it through the coarse grinding plate and the stuffed into casings. It is now curing for 7 days in salt water solution. Thereafter it will be cold smoked for a total of 18 hours (with 4 hours interval per day).


I have used following:

- Boston butt
- Fat back
- Veal
- Salt & Pepper
- All spice
- Coriander
- Garlic powder
- Brown sugar







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F, Your sausage looks excellent, please post your final results when done .

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Just to clarify, you used no curing salt suck as Prague cure #1 or #2, Saltpeter?
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Watching this.



Should be good. 

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Thanks guys, will keep you posted.

No curing salt used, only normal salt which is the old fashion way.
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Interesting, I never heard of forming the sausage and then curing them in a brine. Definitely watching this one!

What percent salt did you use?
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I have used 9% salt solution, so 90 grams in 1 litre water. This is what the recipe calls for.


I will take them out of the brine/cure on Sunday and then start the cold smoking process. 

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How did they turn out after the the smoking? Was that a high barrier casing or fibrous casing?

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Hi Ray Ray, I forgot all about the post I have made here :)

They turned out really good and the taste is good as well. I am not sure what the casing is called(bought in Denmark), but there is possibility for smoke penetration. They have been air drying for 5 weeks.

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