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Everett, WA novice smoker.

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Hey y'all. I've been playing around with my Char Griller 3001 and a chip box for about a year now, with help from lurking around here and figured I'd introduce myself. I'm a legal ganja farmer working nights, and try to make the most of the weekends cooking with the wife.


I'm doing my first Shoulder today, a 6.5 lb bone-in. It went on at 7:30 this morning and is currently sitting at 181 internal. It's been between 275-325 in the rig the whole time with cherry, apple, and some mesquite. I used my standard what's in the cabinet rub. Plan is no-foil until it goes in the cooler at 205, then I'm going to crank the temp and try to make buns on grill, as the oven needs a new element. I've taken a few pics on my phone so I'll see if I can log in there and post them in a bit. I also smoke off some Anaheim peppers earlier which will go into a sauce later on.

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Welcome to the group!  How did that shoulder turn out!  Your process sounded spot on!



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Good luck, Particlebored. I hope you have it inside now, as I see snow coming down outside my back deck. 



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Welcome to the forum!


How'd that shoulder turn out?



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texas.gif  Good morning and welcome to the forum from a beautiful sunny day here in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of              great people with tons of information on just about everything.



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Sorry for the delay turned out perfect. Pics in reverse orde, made some rolls on the grill as well which wereally a tad tough but delish. Used drippings to deglaze sautéed shallots and a Serrano and cooked down with a splash of cider vin for a finishing sauce. Pretty happy with the results. Trying my first CSRs tomorrow.
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