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Brisket rub suggestions?

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I have a rub that I use for pulled pork. With that being said, would it be safe to use on a brisket, or should I venture out and try a different one? Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
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I use Tony's on everything pork, beef, chicken and turkey but you can also get great flavor with just kosher salt and fresh ground course black pepper on briskets. Enjoy your smoke post some photos. :biggrin:



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:welcome1:missed the fact that you just join SMF glad to have you on board lot of great guys and gals on here with tons of info. Look under forums and go to roll call and tell us about you.



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Great looking recipe on that rub Brian. Something else I noticed was that the top of a Weber Kettle will fit on top of a 55 gal. barrel I used Weber 22" racks inside the barrel smoker I built.



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 That is a great link Brian thx for posting it. 

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1 part salt to 1 part pepper rub and oak wood smoke. 

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Just my 2 cents, but I typically just throw a bunch of stuff together (salt, pepper, Tony Chachere's, garlic powder).  

I should have a recorded recipe, but honestly it all tastes, good, and it's hard to mess up. (I just stay away from ingredients that have MSG).  


I used to sprinkle Fiesto cajun seasoning on chips... a little too much sprinkling honestly.. but it has msg and started giving me headaches.


I'm doing a brisket tomorrow so I'll check that link.



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I like to soak Worcestershire sauce and then a nice layer of black pepper and garlic. The Worcestershire sauce is liquid salt and helps the rest to stick to the meat. Gives a nice beef flavor. Oak hickory and pecan are all good wood to use.

Happy Smoking,
Phatbac (Aaron)
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