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Masterbuilt just sent me a new controller for a 30" gen-2 MES. I had several problems, one of which was the heating element not shutting off.


The new controller seems to have fixed everything.


However, I have read a LOT of the posts about problems with the MES, and when Masterbuilt sends a new controller, it seems to fix the problem for about 3/4 of the people, meaning that about a quarter still have a problem.


I'd wait until the controller arrives and see if you are one of the lucky 75%. I was in that group and am up and smoking again.

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I looked at the relay wrong it is a N/O and it read ok. Confused

John I installed the new controller hasn't helped.

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Originally Posted by dlake View Post

John I installed the new controller hasn't helped.

Oops, I missed that. Sorry.

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The new relay came in, just installed it no change set temp at 200 never stopped rising unplugged unit at 300. Don't know what to do now. HELP
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If it were me, I would be getting out my multi-meter and a schematic. If the red light on the panel is going out when it is supposed it seems the controller is working as it should and it should cut power to the relay for the heating element. Test this signal wire from the control board to the relay FIRST. Then  I would definitely check the wires are on the correct terminals of the relay and that is working/switching correctly. Since you say you have already replaced the control board, the relay and/or connections seem suspicious and the most likely to me. Really there is nothing else left.

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I agree with Browneyesvictim.

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I would like to add... CHECK ALL YOUR GROUND WIRES also, and they are tight, not corroded, or not otherwise a good connection to BARE metal. I know there is one for the element itself, but there is probably one for the relay also. There will definitely be one for the control board. The terminals and terminations can fail because of heat, corrosion, vibration, etc. check them all carefully.

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Thanks I will check it tomorrow and let you know what I find.

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After all this Headache, I would call Masterbuilt again.


Be nice, but tell them the whole story. I've seen them send out a new unit, and then have you cut the cord off your old one & send them a pic of it.


Worth a Try.




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